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Environment, Carbon and Forests

New report highlights the important interplay between sustainable forestry and food security and nutrition

GFIS - 5 hours 45 min ago
Forest conservation is not only crucial for protecting the benefits of biodiversity in the natural world but also for maintaining...

Addressing the Industry’s Need for Extending Boomstick Service Life

GFIS - 9 hours 55 min ago

Coastal forest industry looks to FPInnovations to address boomstick inventory replacement annual cost of approximately $12.7 million To address the coastal forest industry’s need to extend the service life of new boomsticks, FPInnovations conducted a recent study looking at the treatability of debarked and drilled logs of coastal species. The study involved a small-scale lab trial where boomsticks were treated with the marine-approved commercial preservative …

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U.S. duties on softwood lumber climb with latest decision on anti-dumping

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 19:58

Published June 26th, 2017 by the BC Lumber Trade Council – Source B.C. lumber producers continue to vigorously defend against additional duties B.C. lumber producers will continue to vigorously defend the industry against a new round of preliminary anti-dumping duties imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce on Canadian softwood lumber.  “These duties result from the trade action which is part of the continued attempt …

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Safeguarding sustainability through forest certification mapping

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 16:54
How can we ensure forest protection and sustainable forest biomass production at the same time? A first-ever global map of certified forest areas, based on a participatory and collaborative mapping approach, contributes to the answer.

Value chain development: improved support for smallholders and SMEs

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 14:21

The recently released double edition of Enterprise Development & Microfinance (EDM) explores how VCD initiatives involving smallholders and small and medium enterprises are designed, implemented and assessed. Since the early 2000’s, practitioners and researchers have been working on ways...

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REDD+ results-based finance

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 13:58

What’s causing the holdup?

What can you learn about forestry from an astronaut?

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 11:20
I am still grateful to my parents who woke me up at half past three in the morning on 21st […]

Annual Report 2016

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 10:41
An electronic version of the full 2016 IUFRO Annual Report is now available. A short summary of 2016 Highlights was already published earlier on.

Finland’s timber trade went digital – new e-market is expected to raise timber prices

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 08:56
With the help of a new online service, all the timber available in Finnish private forests can be sold in […]

FORMA250: Global Forest Watch’s original near real-time alert system gets an upgrade

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 06:00
By Brookie Guzder-Williams When Global Forest Watch launched, FORMA (FORest Monitoring for Action) 500 was our first and only near real-time alert system. By analyzing NASA satellite images, FORMA 500 gave monthly updates of tree cover loss (the death or removal of trees, regardless of cause) across the forests of the moist tropics at 500 […]

Payson watershed at risk

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 03:59

Payson has spent 20 years and some $50 million to secure rights to 3,000 acre-feet annually from the C.C. Cragin Reservoir — enough to make Payson one of the only places in the state with an adequate, long-term water supply.

Africa: Independent forest monitoring to boost transparency

GFIS - Tue, 27/06/2017 - 00:00

Independent forest monitoring by civil society can improve transparency and help strengthen checks on illegality in the forest sector in Africa, an international conference heard last month in Accra. Over 70 experts from ten countries including Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo attended the African Sub-Regional Conference on Independent Forest Monitoring on 10-11 May. The conference was co-organized by Civic Response Ghana, with support from the FAO-EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Programme, and the Congo Basin Forest Monitoring project (CV4C) implemented by the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT).

Fire May Be the Only Remedy for a Plague Killing Deer and Elk

GFIS - Mon, 26/06/2017 - 20:40
Deer and elk are dying from chronic wasting disease in growing numbers. Burning the land may be the only way to turn back the disease.

Panda love spreads to benefit the planet

GFIS - Mon, 26/06/2017 - 16:58
Loving pandas isn't just a feel-good activity. Recent work shows China's decades of defending panda turf have been good not just for the beloved bears, but also protects habitat for other valuable plants and animals, boosts biodiversity and fights climate change.

Amazon basin deforestation could disrupt distant rainforest by remote climate connection

GFIS - Mon, 26/06/2017 - 15:34
The ongoing deforestation around the fringes of the Amazon may have serious consequences for the untouched deeper parts of the rainforest. A new research study shows that it is not only the climate that is adversely affected by deforestation. In fact, the very stability of the ecosystem in the entire Amazon region is altered when deforestation takes place in the outermost regions.

Strengthening sustainable forest management in Myanmar

GFIS - Mon, 26/06/2017 - 15:26
“Forest certification has the potential to greatly support Myanmar's forest sector and contribute to the ongoing reform process,” said Dr. Nyi Nyi Kyaw, Director General of the Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation of Government of Myanmar at...

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Forest Investment Program Peru

GFIS - Mon, 26/06/2017 - 15:25
Project Status: PIP. Country: Peru. Project Number: PE-L1232. Approval date: NA


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