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Katoomba Group | 10 years 6 months ago

A Tool for Prioritizing Sub-National REDD Opportunities and Constraints Experiences in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda.

10 years 6 months ago

The technical material was developed in mid-2008 and is 'global' in nature. Starting at the 'global' level was a deliberate action by the developers of this program as the current global dialogue and debate will create the ground rules for national and project-led developments in REDD.

CIFOR | 10 years 6 months ago

Governance is the act or manner of governing. 'Good' governance is a form of political decision making that emphasises legality (rules to resolve conflicts), legitimacy (acceptance and trust by the public that create accountability)

World Resource Institute | 10 years 6 months ago

Competing demands for food, fuel and profit are driving the loss and degradation of the world’s remaining forests. Governments, the private sector, and citizens are struggling to manage the conflicts between these priorities.


by Dr. Radut