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GreenWorld BVI Brings Socially Responsible Carbon Credit Investment to the Market

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July 20, 2011
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As the demand ethical, socially responsible investments continues to increase, GreenWorld BVI has responded by bringing a carbon credits investment offering to the retail market.

GreenWorld BVI’s carbon credit investment focuses on a 50,000 hectare project in the West African nation of Sierra Leone, and is directly connected to the Gola rainforest (www.golarainforest.org), an internationally recognized area of bio-diversity and the largest lowland closed canopy rainforest remaining in Sierra Leone.

The minimum investment in the project is £1,250 (or about $2,000 and 1,400 Euros).  The investor actually owns the underlying plot of rainforest under a broad 45 year lease that has been taken out on the entire 50,000 hectare plot.  The investment is a complete solution, as GreenWorld and its partners will arrange all of the steps necessary for the investor to have their carbon credits certified under the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (REDD) standard propagated by the United Nations.  There is a full money back guarantee should the certification for the credits not be granted.

Once the credits are granted, GreenWorld’s partner on the project will also take full responsibility for selling the credits into the rapidly developing carbon credit market, where the main buyers are large enterprises such as utilities who are looking to offset their carbon footprint.  The targeted return for the project is 50% over a two-three year period, and perhaps higher.  Best of all, the investor is offered a full and total “soup to nuts” solution, from the acquisition and management of the land, the certification of credits, and the sale of the credits into the marketplace.

As major emerging markets economies continue to grow at rates that are double, triple or more those of western countries, there will be an increasing stress on natural resources such as tropical forestry, and increased power generation and petrol consumption will lead to the ever greater release on greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

“These trends are really driving an increasing global awareness among investors that the planet’s resources are not infinite, and as a result the carbon credit investment is an ideal way to offset some of the effects of rapid economic growth,” noted Cohn, “and as a result we are seeing a real trend by both retail investors and institutions who are looking to add ethical and socially responsible investments to their portfolios,” stated Josh Cohn, Partner at GreenWorld (BVI).

Josh Cohn is a Partner in boutique investment firm GreenWorld (BVI). GreenWorld (BVI) offers green, "hard asset" investments such as farmland, timber and renewable energy directly to individuals. They are on the web at http://www.greenworldbvi.com and can be contacted at info@greenworldbvi.com.


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