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We offer management consulting services to clients throughout the forest products value chain, from resource providers to end users. Our unique experience allows us to recognise relevant driving forces and assess their impact on client business. We help clients capture strategic opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

One main area of our expertise lies in strategy formulation and execution regarding raw materials, markets and products. For instance, we help our clients find new business prospects in raw materiel procurement or better predict the competitive environment.

Another main area of our skills is to combine our leading-edge industry expertise and management consulting know-how with the best practices in the fields of sustainable ecosystem management and biodiversity protection such as supporting our clients in forest management and chain of custody certification.

Recent study:
Billion hectares of land have potential for forest restoration

We complement the skill set of client organisations with our wide and deep industry specific perspective. Our working methods range from technical analysis to process facilitation and from sparring to scenario workshops. We work well on every level of client organisations. With our unique understanding of the whole forest industry cluster, we can interpret trends or nuances in client business landscapes.


You can find some historical background information about central Eurpoean forestry here

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2017-11-29 14:45 | More than half of the forestland in the United States is held privately by families. Small forests may be a potent weapon against climate change, experts say.

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2017-11-29 09:46 |

The second edition of the Bioeconomy Investment Summit will take place on 14-15 December in Helsinki, Finland, organized by the European Commission and the European Forest Institute.  The 2017 Bioeconomy Investment Summit is a follow up of the Bioeconomy Investment Summit organised by the EU in 2015, and builds on the results of the Lodz Bioeconomy Congress and the Bratislava Bioeconomy Conference in 2016.  Key topics The Summit discusses the potential the bioeconomy has to offer in building...

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2017-11-29 09:00 |

Deciphering what works and what doesn’t with deforestation commitments

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2017-11-29 08:29 | Hi IFSA world,   In this post we want to shortly introduce oneself to you. At the  moment 3 of us are allreday in Nairobi. Linda and Bocheng will catch up soon. Max: My name is Max Krombholz, currently I’m doing my bachelor in forestry at the TU Dresden. For this period I’m the UNEP … Continue reading Welcome to UNEP!

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2017-11-29 01:14 |

Published November 28th, 2017 by Global Affairs Canada – Source Canada today formally requested World Trade Organization (WTO) consultations with the United States concerning the U.S. Department of Commerce’s recent final anti-dumping and countervailing duty determinations on imports of certain softwood lumber products from Canada. The U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision to impose punitive anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber producers is unfair,...

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2017-11-28 18:53 |

“This and a number of other studies provide some very nice evidence that current best management practices are proving to be much more effective than historical practices,” said Jeff Hatten, lead author and associate professor in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. Studies in...(more)

Additional Information: ...

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2017-11-28 18:02 | A UN Environment report warns that illegal logging and wildlife crime threaten biodiversity and livelihoods in Europe’s Danube-Carpathian region, despite the numerous policies, conventions and organizations in place to protect natural resources. The analysis concludes that compliance and enforcement of relevant legislation need to be complemented by more inter-agency collaboration, and capacity across institutions, authorities, and local communities.

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2017-11-28 16:16 |

By Coraina de la Plaza* Another climate COP ended in the backdrop of extreme weather events worldwide – ravaging wildfires in Europe, massive hurricanes that devastated the Caribbean islands, record breaking floods in Asia, major droughts in Africa, just to name a few, causing the deaths and displacement of thousands. Many defined COP 23 as mainly technical or a “process COP”, but it was during this COP that many of the details had to be hammered out for the development …


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2017-11-28 16:00 | The adoption of gender guidelines would provide a much-needed policy framework for mainstreaming gender considerations in ITTO and thereby enhancing the impact and effectiveness of the Organization’s policy and project work, according to consultant Stephanie Caswell, who presented a report on the topic on the second day of the 53rd session of the International Tropical Timber Council. Her report included proposed “ITTO Policy Guidelines on Gender Equality and Empowering Women”, which address...

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2017-11-28 15:53 | The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Quebec Chapter welcomes the announcement of the Quebec government’s commitment to create the large Manouane-Manicouagan Woodland Caribou protected area, in the Montagnes Blanches region. This long-awaited action follows 10 years of hard work at CPAWS Quebec and will have a positive impact on the recovery of boreal woodland caribou without impacting forestry interests in the region.

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2017-11-28 14:50 |

John Deere introduced Intelligent Boom Control for the 1270G harvester and the 8-wheeled 1170G harvester in June at the Elmia Wood trade fair. Now they are introducing a 6-wheeled model of the 1170G harvester as well as the smaller 1070G harvester. At the same time, IBC will be available also for the 1170G harvester.

Precise and...

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2017-11-28 12:25 |

Welcome to the Autumn 2017 issue of EIA’s bi-annual newsletter Investigator, featuring an overview of key campaign activities during the past six months.   This issue features: Vietnam caught stealing…

The post The Autumn 2017 issue of Investigator is now available! appeared first on EIA International.

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2017-11-28 12:07 | Nov 28,2017---Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; Chairman, President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces the completion of conversion of its containerboard machine at Kanazu Mill (Awara-shi, Fukui Prefecture) from one dedicated to producing corrugating medium into one also capable of producing linerboard.

In addition to conversion of the machine, the stock preparation process, which greatly affects the quality of containerboard, has also been revamped to further...

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2017-11-28 12:06 | Nov 27,2017---Metsä Board, a leading European producer of premium paperboards is pleased to announce that its Simpele mill has recently integrated the FSSC 22000 food safety system into its management systems and received third party certificate to verify this.

The FSSC 22000 Food Safety System provides a framework for effectively managing an organisation's food safety responsibilities. FSSC 22000 is fully recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and is based on...

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2017-11-28 12:05 | St. Petersburg — Nov 27,2017 — Ilim Group, Russia’s leading pulp and paper company, a major exporter and one of the biggest companies in the industry globally, announces today that it has signed a four-year unsecured syndicated loan agreement for USD 500 million. The agreement is the largest corporate debt transaction in the industry across Eastern Europe and Russia/CIS, according to Dealogic data.

The loan was arranged by Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI Group) and Intesa...

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2017-11-28 09:09 |

The 19th edition of

European Paper Week

will mark CEPI’s 25th anniversary and takes place in the background of industry’s transformation towards a low-carbon, circular bioeconomy. As part of this year’s theme, attendees are invited to look forward and ‘Sense the Future’ by experiencing through the five senses the innovative, bio-based potential of the industry.

Industry transformation is gaining pace. This...

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2017-11-28 08:43 |

A new network of agroforestry experts is forming in the Mekong region to share knowledge about agroforestry for food and nutrition security, sustainable agriculture and land restoration.   The establishment of the Expert Group is timely, coming as...

The post...

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2017-11-28 06:54 |

Dam.  Say it again.  Dam.

That’s the sound of degraded wild rivers, devastated fish populations, planetary warming, and indigenous and local residents losing their homes and livelihoods.  Damn.

While large-scale dams have long been touted as an environmentally friendly energy resource—as green—they are anything but....

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2017-11-28 06:36 | 21st meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical & Technological Advice December 11th to 14th 2017 Montreal, Canada Article 25 of the Convention on Biological Diversity establishes an open-ended intergovernmental scientific advisory body known as the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) to provide the Conference of the Parties (COP) and, … Continue...

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2017-11-28 05:32 | The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) will come together to strengthen...