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Deltic Schedules Fourth Quarter Conference Call

Forest Products IIII - vor 2 Stunden 3 Minuten
[Business Wire] - Deltic Timber Corporation has scheduled a conference call at 11:30 a.m. Central Time on Monday, February 27, to review fourth quarter results, which will be announced Friday, February 24, after the market closes.

Macedonia submits national forest certification system: public consultation open

GFIS - vor 2 Stunden 6 Minuten
The global public consultation for the Macedonia national forest certification system is now open. Stakeholders globally are invited to comment on its compliance with PEFC International's Sustainability Benchmarks by 18 March 2017. The Council for Sustainable Forest Management in the Republic of...

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Bar Works: The return of Renwick Haddow

GFIS - vor 3 Stunden 19 Minuten
Renwick Haddow is back. The man who ran the Capital Alternatives network of companies is a “key figure” behind a New York co-working startup called Bar Works, according to a article in The Real Deal. Bar Works leases or buys retail spaces and converts them to co-working spaces. Customers can hire a desk in one […]

Judd Groat Interview: Guide, Outfitter, Packer

GFIS - vor 5 Stunden 38 Minuten

Walter Thomas (Judd) Groat was a noted guide, outfitter and horseman in the Edson-Jasper area of western Alberta. He lived in Brule with his wife Darleen, raising nine children. His parents, Thomas and Clarice, lived on Montana Pete's homestead at Entrance at the time he was born on April 1, 1913. They moved into Brule about 1917 when he was four years old. Thomas was also a guide and outfitter, and Judd made his first long fall hunting trip with his father in the fall of 1928 when he was just 15. Judd appears to have never looked back from that experience, excelling in his own right.

This interview was conducted on August 12, 1998, just over four months before Judd passed away on January 3, 1999. We had hoped to review the typewritten draft with him to make sure we had transcribed it correctly, and were saddened to learn that this was no longer possible. I will consult with members of his family to ensure that the text is as correct as possible, while maintaining the integrity of Judd's original responses.

Peter J. Murphy About the Forest History Program Interview Series

Between 1997 and 2000, the Forest History Program conducted 33 interviews with various people who played important roles in, or were connected otherwise with the development of the remarkable forest management operation at the Hinton Forest of Weldwood of Canada. These were background information that would be used in a series of books and reports that would follow, all initiated by one book project linked to Weldwood’s 40th anniversary celebrations in Hinton in 1997. Some of these interviews are posted to the fRI Research website for general reading, others are available only with permission for research purposes. All interviews were professionally edited to retain content but improve clarity.

We’re five!

GFIS - vor 5 Stunden 57 Minuten
Dear friends, today our project, WhatWood agency, turns five. During these years, we have worked with over a hundred companies from around the globe. Having started with timber industry news, we gradually realized that our strength would be in the industry analytics. We developed new products and new formats, introduced the genre of collecting the […]

CatchMark Announces Tax Treatment for 2016 Dividend Distributions

Forest Products IIII - vor 6 Stunden 47 Minuten
[PR Newswire] - ATLANTA, Jan. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CatchMark Timber Trust, Inc. (NYSE: CTT) announced today the tax treatment for dividend distributions made in 2016 on the company's Common Stock. In 2016, CatchMark ...

Risk of tree species disappearing in central Africa 'a major concern,' say researchers

GFIS - vor 7 Stunden 46 Minuten
Human disturbance may often be criticized for harming the environment, but new research suggests a persistent lack of human attention in the central African forest could actually cause some tree species to disappear.

Climate policies alone will not save Earth's most diverse tropical forests

GFIS - vor 7 Stunden 56 Minuten
A focus on policies to conserve tropical forests for their carbon storage value may imperil some of the world’s most biologically rich tropical forests, says new research.

Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryer Tt Syd-22ft: The Biggest Ever Done Is On Its Way.

PaperIndex TimesNews - vor 11 Stunden 4 Minuten
Jan 17,2017 --On 15th December 2016, Toscotec shipped the first two TT SYD-22FT of 2° generation (diameter 6705 mm) from the port of Marina di Carrara, Tuscany.

The first two Steel Yankee Dryers ofthe largest diameter ever built have left the dockand this is further proof of Toscotec's leadership in the design and manufacturing of the main component of the tissue drying section. The TT SYD-22FT is at the heart of Toscotec PRODERGY tissue machine, which is equipped with a Steam Hood to achieve the maximum operating speed of 2000 mpm.

This extraordinary achievement is the result of Toscotec’s investment strategy, aimed to enhance its strength in the tissue and paper industry with the opening of a new technology center dedicated to the complete production cycle of TT SYDs.
From metalworking and precision mechanical processing to thermal treatment in a 10m x 10m oven, all the tests and certifications are made on site, according to Functional European (PED), American (ASME), Chinese (CSEI) and Japanese (JIS) regulations. The new center also houses technical and production offices, as well as a conference room and a customer lounge.

The facility is located in Massa, at 50 km from Lucca, a location chosen for easy and fast access to seaport overseas shipments.

Munksjö Study Shows Compostability Of Silicone Coated Paper Release Liner

PaperIndex TimesNews - vor 11 Stunden 6 Minuten
January 17, 2017 --Munksjö, a world-leading manufacturer of advanced papers products, and a leading suppliers of release papers for the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) industry, has announced today the completion of an earlier laboratory study, revealing that the typical carrier of PSA labels - silicone coated glassine paper - meets compostability, in addition to biodegradability requirements.

Glassine papers are coated with a thin layer of silicone to serve as release carriers of PSA labels through printing cutting and application to a wide range of consumer and industrial products. In 2016, third party analysis commissioned by Munksjö had proven biodegradability of the material according to EN 14046:2003, which represents one pre-requisite for compostability. In order to be compostable according to EN13432 standard, the material should additionally meet criteria of chemical composition, physical disintegration, quality of the final compost produced, and eco-toxicity. All conditions were met by the samples of silicone coated release paper.

“Recycling always represents a preferred end-of-life option, and surveys report that paper recycling rates in Europe are the highest among various materials, even in the specific field of release liners. Those tests prove that - even after silicone coating performed by our customer industries - paper release liners remain both biodegradable and compostable as the paper substrate they are based on. As a consequence, the environmental impact of residual paper release liner waste, eventually not recycled at the end of its life-cycle, will be lower than other materials based on non-renewable resources. Moreover, these features could also open recycling opportunities in new applications beyond those in use today” comments Marco Martinez, Product and Sustainability Manager, Release Liners.

The analysis was performed on Munksjö’s 58 g/m [2] glassine paper, coated on one side with approximately 1 g/m [2] of silicone, which represent common conditions for release liners used as carriers of PSA labels. Samples were first tested according to EN 14046:2003, which specifies a method for the evaluation of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of packaging materials based on organic compounds over a period of 180 days. Following to that, the samples did undergo a 12 week analysis to assess physical disintegration, quality of the final compost produced, and eco-toxicity as prescribed by EN13432 standard.

The study was performed by Ecol Studio, an environmental analyses laboratory accredited by Italy’s National Accreditation Body Accredia, in compliance with ISO 17025:2005 standards and EN 45000 European norms.

Munksjö Release Liners Business Area, one of Munksjö’s four business areas, is a global leading supplier of release papers for the PSA industry, with manufacturing sites in Europe and South America. All of them are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, FSC [® ] and PEFC [™] Chain-of-Custody.

Munksjö Oyj

For more information, please contact:

Marco Martinez, Product and Sustainability Manager, Release Liners

Tel. +39 011 9260271; Mobile + 39 348 39 58504; e-mail: marco.martinez@munksjo.com

Made by Munksjö – Intelligent paper technology
Munksjö is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced paper products developed with intelligent paper technology. Munksjö offers customer-specific innovative design and functionality in areas ranging from flooring, kitchens and furnishings to release papers, consumer-friendly packaging and energy transmission. The transition to a sustainable society is a natural driving force for Munksjö's growth as the products can replace non-renewable materials. This is what "Made by Munksjö" stands for. Given Munksjö's global presence and way of integrating with the customers, the company forms a worldwide service organisation with approximately 2,900 employees and 15 facilities located in France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and China. Munksjö's share is listed on Nasdaq in Helsinki and Stockholm. Read more at http://www.munksjo.com/ .

Point of view: BirdLife’s Black Book of Bioenergy – a disservice to sustainable forestry

GFIS - vor 11 Stunden 16 Minuten
By its Black Book of Bioenergy report, BirdLife International not only fails to make use of the trust in its […]

From Mystery to History: Pennsylvania’s Bygone Lumber Industry

NYT Logging Industry - vor 12 Stunden 26 Minuten
Stashed in a relative’s shed in upstate New York for decades, the work of William T. Clarke sheds light on the heyday of logging in Pennsylvania.

Discounts up to 30% for all reports till the end of January!

GFIS - vor 12 Stunden 39 Minuten
Dear clients and partners, The Christmas/New Year holidays came to an end. We hope you had a great time, as the busy season of concluding annual reports and presenting results of the year to the shareholders comes in. During that time, it is essential to have verified information for taking management decisions. Whatwood will help […]

6th ICP Forests Scientific Conference, 2nd call

GFIS - vor 13 Stunden 5 Minuten

Dear colleagues, dear friends.

The second call for the 6th Scientific Conference is available under the item 'Events'. Besides general Information, guidelines for abstract prepartation are given. Please, consider a contribution from your field of activity.

Best regards and see you in Bucharest in May.


FTA and the Convention on Biological Diversity

GFIS - vor 13 Stunden 29 Minuten

Presentation by Terry Sunderland, Principal Scientist & Team Leader, Sustainable Landscapes and Food Systems, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) at the CGIAR-CBD Linkages Side Event Cancun, 8th December 2016 CIFOR/FTA and the CBD from Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

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World’s Last Intact Forests Are Becoming Increasingly Fragmented

GFIS - vor 13 Stunden 34 Minuten
By Susan Minnemeyer, Peter Potapov and Lars Laestadius Stolby National Park in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. Taken by Ninara (Flickr). License information here. Intact forest landscapes (IFLs), or vast stretches of unbroken forest wilderness, are some of the most important ecosystems in the world. Their intactness makes them uniquely valuable to nature—they regulate temperature and rainfall […]

How effective are tropical forest conservation policies?

GFIS - vor 16 Stunden 18 Minuten

By Sven Wunder and Jan Börner, originally posted at CIFOR’s Forests News Numerous types of forest conservation policies are being implemented in the tropics today. Alongside traditional instruments like protected areas, other initiatives including development programs, certification schemes and payments for environmental services (PES) are also being carried out. Yet rigorously-quantified knowledge about what works and what does not work […]

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Huge potential for non-timber forest products in Vietnam

GFIS - vor 20 Stunden 5 Minuten

Products from forests in Viet Nam aren’t well developed. Nor has their potential to help fight climate change been fully realized. Now researchers and government are working together to change this. The high value of non-timber forest products is no secret to Viet Nam. For millions of people who live in mountain communities, especially members of the many ethnic minorities, […]

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