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Malawi's forests going up in smoke as tobacco industry takes heavy toll | John Vidal

GFIS - vor 3 Stunden 19 Minuten

Malawi is reliant on tobacco for 60% of foreign earnings, but while demand is falling the cost of environmental damage caused by the industry is rising

For cigarette smokers and tobacco growers, the sight – and sweet smell – of the Chinkhoma auction house near Kasungu in central Malawi is heaven. Tens of thousands of metre-cubed bales of golden leaf, each with enough tobacco to make more than 50,000 cigarettes, cover the floor of a warehouse the size of three football fields.

Malawi, now the poorest country in the world according to the World Bank, depends on tobacco as a cash crop. Chinkhoma, in the heart of the tobacco-growing Central region, is where much of it is sold before being exported and made into cigarettes.

The impact of the industry is evident in the reduction of trees cut down or tobacco curing or construction of barns

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Myanmar Frees Loggers From China Amid a Broader Amnesty

NYT Logging Industry - vor 5 Stunden 19 Minuten
After a strong pushback from Beijing, more than 150 Chinese citizens who were sentenced to life in prison were suddenly released.

Getting the measurements right: new platform for agricultural emissions data

GFIS - vor 5 Stunden 28 Minuten

Originally posted on CCAFS’s News Blog. By David Valentin Schweiger (CCAFS Coordinating Unit) SAMPLES is a framework which aims to fill the gap in current greenhouse gas emissions monitoring in tropical developing countries. Climate change is a hot topic in Paris this year. The City of Light is not only hosted the Our Common Future […]

Taiga's Q1 sales increased by 7.8%

Canadian Forestindustries News II - vor 10 Stunden 37 Minuten
BURNABY, BC, July 30, 2015 /CNW/ - Taiga Building Products Ltd. ("Taiga" or the "Company") today reported its financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2015. First Quarter Ended June 3...

Not just any Wilmar suppliers caught violating no-deforestation policy

GFIS - vor 10 Stunden 46 Minuten
Two subsidiaries of Ganda Group, owned by Wilmar founder's little brother, presided over rainforest destruction for palm oil in Indonesia.

To accelerate conservation progress in Africa, improve support to African civil society organizations (commentary)

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 22:15
This piece was contributed under Mongabay's Researcher Perspectives Series, which gives authors an opportunity to provide commentary on developments and current issues. The views expressed are those of the authors, not necessarily Mongabay.

July Field Update 3: Caribou Program Rainbow Lake Crew

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 21:39

From the fRI Caribou Program's field crew in the Rainbow Lake area, here's a field update from July 29, 2015. Click on one of the photos below to open the slide show.

For the third shift of the season, the Caribou 6 and 7 teams decided that being in the field is not an excuse to stop learning. The trip to the Chinchaga fire base was the perfect opportunity to integrate the principles of continuous learning into our everyday lives. On top of the ever ongoing philosophical questions concerning the definitions of roads and lines, our groups have covered a good diversity of other academic subjects.

Social Sciences became handy early in the shift, when the teams were confronted with locked gates preventing them from accessing important parts of the study area. Smiles, kind words, and clear explanations of our intentions proved to be enough to obtain access to these protected lands.

Mathematics proved to be useful in a variety of situations. Questions such as “How many bison are there in this clearing?”, “How many times will we have to go back and forth on this tiny road to manage to turn this 1 ton truck around?”, “If I gave 100 pumps to fill ¼ of the gas tank, am now at 7/8, and want to fill the tank without overflowing, how much more should I pump?” were all part of the routine.

Some weather forecast skills were put to good use, in attempts to establish if there was enough time to do the plots, get back to the truck, and drive off the road before its surface was transformed into a slippery muddy path certain to test our ability to keep driving forward while going sideways.

Obviously, biology questions were a key component of the daily work. Wondering if that black thing is a bear or a stump, if the grouse will fly away from the road without having to honk at it, if that berry is ripe, if that big unidentified creature that ran towards us in the wood was sasquatch, or how tasty buffalo berry is, put our variety of different university degrees to good use.

In spite of all the fun we had learning academic subjects, the most welcome subject of the shift was certainly culinary arts. The trailer, with a functional fridge and an oven, proved to be a luxury that the teams used with great relish. If the roasted beets were welcomed with delight, they were quickly overshadowed by the sushi night (and sushi lunch the next day), as well as the decadent chocolate mousse, all proving that camp food can be every bit as delicious as “normal” food. The teams might have gained weight throughout this shift, but have mostly gained valuable knowledge in this intellectually rewarding sojourn at the fire base.

FRI Subject Area: CaribouDisplay on Maps: Related Program: Caribou ProgramRelated Project: Analysis and improvement of linear features to increase caribou functional habitat in west-central and north-western Alberta

Judge strikes down attempt to halt timber sales

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 21:35

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has turned down the Blueberry River First Nation’s attempts to stop the B.C. government from selling the rights to cut down timber in a certain area of their traditional territory.

13 ‘keystone’ corporations hold sway over sustainability of global fisheries

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 21:31
a small number of corporations resemble tiger sharks in the fishing industry. These corporations could potentially have a seismic effect on the entire fishing industry and hold the power to conserve or collapse fisheries worldwide.

Shortage of wooden fence posts caused by forest fires and high demand 

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 21:10

Some stores are struggling to keep their shelves stocked with classic farmer's fence posts amid a period of high demand that's complicated by tricky conditions in the forests up north.

Taking action to manage beetle kill in area forests 

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 21:00

In 2005, Crested Butte resident Jeff Moffett sat in a wood-fired hot tub on his Gold Basin property several miles south of Hartman Rocks Recreation Area.

“Invest in us for Sustainable Forests” say Community Forest Members, Indigenous Peoples and Smallholders from Asia

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 19:25
Local people from forest communities in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam and came together in Bangkok recently to discuss forest issues that are priorities for them and to prepare for the upcoming XIV World Forestry Congress. The Congress, which is the largest...

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Czech Zoo Death Pushes Northern White Rhino Closer to Extinction

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 18:26
Nabiré, a 31-year-old female northern white rhino died on Monday, July 27 at the Dvůr Králové Zoo, Czech Republic. To those who cared for her, she was known for having one of the gentlest demeanors of the rhinos to be bred at the Czech zoo.

Latest special edition prints from The New Sylva now live in auction

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 17:15
Each week over the summer we are listing a new selection of special edition prints from The New Sylva book. Our latest selection includes hazel, tulip tree, London plane, wild cherry and Bramley's seedling apple. Other items also available.

CPAWS 2015 AGM Notice and Nominations for the CPAWS National Board Announcement

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 16:54
The CPAWS Annual General Meeting will be held via conference call at 8:00 PM (ET) on September 28, 2015. For more information, please contact us at info@cpaws.org or by phone at: 1-800-333-9453

REDD in Cambodia: “The house is burning but they are discussing the colour of the curtains”

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 16:48
“The Forestry Administration has warned that the government will not meet its goal of achieving 60 percent forest cover nationwide if it continues parcelling out the Kingdom’s territory in economic land concessions.” That’s the opening sentence of an article in the Phnom Penh Post dated January 2011. The Forestry Administration … read more

Eco Building Products Re-Focuses the Company's Product Line into a Core Suite of Defensive Lumber Products

Forest Products IIII - Do, 30/07/2015 - 16:35
[PR Newswire] - Red Shield AFL (Advanced Framing Lumber) protects wood products from fire, mold, termites and wood rot. Red Shield SP (Sill Plate) meets Building Code requirements for fungal decay and termite resistance per ICC-ES ESR #3255 with value added mold protection.

UNEP, UN-REDD Programme Address Bank and Investor Risk Policies on Soft Commodities

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 16:32
The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has released a report titled 'Bank and Investor Risk Policies for Soft Commodities' along with an accompanying Soft Commodities Forest-risk Assessment Tool addressing deforestation and forest degradation risk in the agricultural value chain. A UN Collaborative Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (UN-REDD) information brief titled 'Banking on REDD+: Can Bank and Investor Risk Policies on Soft Commodities Benefit REDD+?' was produced in parallel.

ITTO Releases 2014 Annual Report

GFIS - Do, 30/07/2015 - 16:26
The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) has published its annual report, highlighting progress achieved in 2014 through field projects, policy work and research. The publication summarizes such activities as the adoption of the Voluntary Guidelines for the Sustainable Management of Natural Tropical Forest, the release of the 'Rewarding the Service Providers' policy brief, and the organization of the International Forum on Payments for Environmental Services of Tropical Forests.


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