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SFM in British Columbia

Aging Forests Ministry in poor health

Times Colonist | vor 9 Jahre 5 months

The ravages of age usually affect people more than institutions. But successive reports on two of the oldest government functions in B.C. have found they are in failing health. A searching look last week at the justice system - a ministry since 1871 - portrayed it as floundering badly. And this...

British Columbia’s Auditor General releases his timber management report

Forest Talk | vor 9 Jahre 5 months

British Columbia Auditor General John Doyle has released his latest report, An Audit of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations’ Management of Timber.


BC New Democrats | vor 9 Jahre 5 months

The Forest Practices Board has confirmed that former forest minister Pat Bell has been grossly understating the true problems facing B.C.’s forests. New Democrat forest critic Norm Macdonald said Bell needs to explain why his estimate of crown lands that have not been adequately replanted was less...

Proof Is in: Our Forests Are Badly Mismanaged

The Tyee | vor 9 Jahre 5 months

On the second of February, I attended a presentation at the Western Silvicultural Contractors' Association AGM in Kamloops. The presentation was made by Marvin Eng, a special investigator at the Forest Practices Board, who is tasked with clarifying the status and implications of "not satisfactorily...

Forests? Depends on who's counting

Times Colonist | vor 9 Jahre 5 months

B.C.'s foresters are an argumentative lot, and for the past few years, one particular disagreement has repeatedly seized their attention. It's the question of how much forest land falls into the official category known as NSR - not satisfactorily restocked.

Pine beetles part 3: A flood of problems for ranchers

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

Watching the pine beetles kill off the Chilcotin's vast stands of lodgepole pine forest was bad enough for cattle rancher Randy Saugstad. But he argues the greater concern is the way the B.C. government has allowed salvage logging to take precedence on Crown forests at the expense of other land...

'It looks like Armageddon': The destruction of B.C. pine forests

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

VANCOUVER - Debbie Atha had a dream that went like this: Gregarious woman approaching 30 quits her well-paying pharmaceutical sales job in England to move to the B.C. Interior to invest her time and money building a dude ranch. "I had an early midlife crisis," she allows. "I wanted to do something...

Forestry's 'perfect storm'

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

The Chilcotin's beetle-killed lodge-pole pine forests are saturated with water. The harvesting crews have been sent home. And logging trucks known as Super-B Trains, hauling 300 to 400 logs apiece, are inching their way through deep mud wallows. Tolko Industries Ltd. needs 125 loads per day to...

Pine beetle plague is being exploited to cut healthy trees

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

I wish to commend The Sun and Larry Pynn for the excellent series of articles "In the Wake of a Plague." This sober second look at the issues and myths surrounding the mountain pine beetle panic is long overdue. I have lived in the Chilcotin since 1980 and seen more than one beetle out-break, and...

Pine beetle plague is being exploited to cut healthy trees

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

Ask who caused this plague destroying our province's biodiversity. Those who go to our backcountry are familiar with our huge clearcuts and the damage done. "How goes the raping and pillaging?" is a greeting used by our truck-loggers that dates to the 1970s for its origin, well before the beetle...

Fiery debate surrounds benefits of salvage operations

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

Logging B.C.'s beetle-killed pine forests can, in theory, reduce the risk of a wildfire. But when fire ecologist Bob Gray visits a logging site, he can see just the opposite: a heightened fire risk because of so much uneconomic wood left on the ground. "There's more of a mess afterwards," he said...

In the wake of a plague

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

The plan was simple: Log and sell as much dead pine as possible before it decayed or burned. But the environmental costs of the large-scale salvaging of Interior forests are still being tallied... The province sold the epidemic as unprecedented in North American history. Biblical plagues of...

'Dead' pine forests very much alive

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

Phil Burton calls this place a jungle. It's not the tropical Amazonian rainforest or even B.C.'s temperate rainforest, but a stand of lodgepole pine located off the Pelican Forest Service Road about an hour's drive southwest of Prince George. The federal forests researcher estimates the pines were...

Forest denizens struggle in clearings

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 7 months

Salvage logging of B.C.'s Interior lodgepole pine forests is having major consequences for wildlife by eliminating vast stretches of habitat used for activities such as feeding, hiding and keeping warm or cool. While species such as the moose - a "generalist" that eats various types of plants -...

Reporting the Results of Forestry Activities: Compliance with Section 86 of the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation

Forestry Practices Board | vor 9 Jahre 8 months

Reports from the forest industry about the effects of their activities have always been important to managing the public forests. However, forestry in BC is in a new era that differs from the past in two important respects in the context of reporting.


vor 9 Jahre 8 months

Download the PDF here... November 15, 2011 The Honourable Christy Clark Premier of British Columbia PO Box 9041 Station Provincial Government Victoria, BC V8W 9E1 Dear Premier Christy Clark,

B.C. should use policy, not dollars, in carbon fight

Times Colonist | vor 9 Jahre 10 months

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, natural gas prices were high and many major gas consumers worried that continued high prices posed serious risks to future profitability. One of the more concerned sectors of British Columbia's economy was the commercial greenhouse industry, which uses lots of...

How we all pay to 'conserve' forests

The Province | vor 9 Jahre 11 months

In January, a deal was struck between the Pacific Carbon Trust (the provincial Crown corporation responsible for buying carbon "offsets") and one of British Columbia's biggest logging companies - a deal that would allegedly result in hundreds of thousands of tonnes of additional carbon being stored...

Minister responds to MP’s columns

BC Local News | vor 9 Jahre 11 months

In response to Alex Atamanenko’s claims in his Aug. 2 and Aug. 16 columns, I believe the readers of your newspaper deserve and need to know the facts. While there have been changes in the provincial government’s natural resource ministries over the last year, what hasn’t changed is this government’...

New solutions needed for wildfire woes

Vancouver Sun | vor 9 Jahre 11 months

In the aftermath of the disastrous wildfires in 2003 that burned hundreds of homes and caused millions of dollars in property damage in and around the communities of Kelowna and Barriere, the City of Cranbrook began doing what hundreds of other communities across B.C. must do if they wish to better...


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