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Issue date: 
15 February 2011

Event to unveil business opportunities in carbon forestry

Issue date: 
Feb 3, 2011

Proving the microwave charcoal technology was the easy part


In one sense, proving Carbonscape's novel one-step process can cheaply produce highly porous charcoal was the easy part.

Issue date: 
November 5th, 2010

Sino-Forest acquires 13,000 ha of NZ forests

Sino-Forest Corporation, a leading, commercial forest plantation operator in China, has announced the acquisition of a 13,000 ha New Zealand forestry plantation.  Mr.

Issue date: 
November 5th, 2010

NZ Forestry credits off to Japan

A major Japanese bank has come back for a second helping of New Zealand forestry credits. The deal, finalised last week, is being seen as a positive step in the developing international market for New Zealand’s forestry credits.

Issue date: 
October 19th, 2010

Statement of principles catalyst for Tasmanian pulp mill project

Australian forest company Gunns Ltd, which is planning to build a new giant pulp mill on the Australian island of Tasmania, possibly in collaboration with Swedish Södra, welcomes a historic forest statement of principles, which was announced yesterday.

Issue date: 
October 13, 2010

PM's keys to forestry sector growth

Free trade negotiations and a continued commitment to the emissions trading scheme are important to support further forestry sector growth, Prime Minister John Key said.

Issue date: 
September 27th, 2010

New Zealand Log Prices - September 2010

A clearing of inventory in China has prompted a firming of CFR (in-market) log prices this month.

Issue date: 

Cashing in on carbon

Environment Waikato is considering using its $60 millon investment fund for a massive tree planting scheme to cash in on the Government's Emissions Trading Scheme.

Issue date: 
2 Sep, 2010

New Zealand: Region a net ETS winner

GISBORNE will be a net winner from the emissions trading scheme, promises Climate Change Minister Nick Smith.

At a well-attended meeting last night, Dr Smith managed to tame a potentially hostile audience through judicious use of the expressions:

“Good question”, “You’re absolutely right” and “That deserves a thorough answer — I’ll answer each point in turn”.

Issue date: 
August 26, 2010

New Zealand Farmers Harvest Carbon Credits

In New Zealand, where the sheep outnumber humans 9 to 1 and National Lamb Day is celebrated every Feb. 15, a carbon emission trading system that kicked off in July is upending the economics of sheep farming, a once crucial sector of the economy. Sheep farmers are walking away from the business of selling wool and lamb chops and are converting their grazing lands into tree farms that could prove valuable when the country's agricultural sector is forced to pay for greenhouse gas emissions starting in 2015.


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