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December 27, 2010

Agricultural lending jumps in Brazil, will Amazon deforestation follow?

With commodity prices surging, lending to Brazilian farmers for tractors, harvesters and plows reached 8.2 billion reais ($4.8 billion) for the July through November 2010 period, a 64 percent increase since the same period last year and the fastest pace since 2004, reports Bloomberg.

Issue date: 
December 29, 2010

Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact plan to restore 15 million hectares of forest

Pacto pela Restauração da Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact) is an alliance with the aim of the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact is to restore 15 million hectares of the forest in Brazil by the year 2050, spread across annual plans approved by its Steering Committee.

Issue date: 
December 29, 2010

Increased produced pulp in Brazil

In 2010, the Brazilian pulp industry - Fibria and Suzano Papel e Celulose a global producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp produced 14 million tons of pulp, 9.8 million tons of paper and export revenues of U.S. $ 6.7 billion according to Bracelpa (Brazilian Association of Pulp and Paper).

Issue date: 
Jun. 22, 2010

Brazil's Eldorado starts work on world's biggest pulp mill, also considers integrated tissue plant

TRÊS LAGOAS, June 22, 2010 (PPI Latin America) - The city of Três Lagoas in the Brazilian Midwest has definitely made its mark on the pulp and paper industry map with a project that will make it the largest pulp producer in the world.

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Brazil forest concession area exceeds 1m hectares

More than one million hectares of prime Amazon Rainforest land in Brazil has been made available for a programme of forestry concessions, according to the Brazilian Forest Service (SFB).

The area involved in the programme is spread over seven areas within the states of Rondonia and Pará, and is estimated to have a total potential timber production value of approximately 850,000 cubic metres every year.

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November 30, 2010

Três Lagoas will host the two largest pulp mills in the world

Brazilian Valonline reports today that Marcelo Castelli, director at Fibria Cellulose SA with eucalyptus plantings in the city Três Lagoas (In the state Mato Groso de Sul) will maintain the schedule for opening of the second line of factory in 2014.

Issue date: 
16 November 2010

California pilots REDD with Brazil, Mexico states

California has reached agreement with states in Mexico and Brazil for pilot projects to protect their rainforests in return for carbon credits under the provincial-level, international climate initiative of outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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GE plants $500 million investment in Brazil

American conglomerate, General Electric (GE), has chosen Brazil as the location for its fifth key research and development centre, in a deal that will see the company invest $500 million in the nation.

The decision was made to locate the centre in Brazil as the company emphasizes its push on expanding its global operations - particularly in South America. Ferdinando Becalli-Falco, president of GE International, said Latin America's largest economy presented it with a number of financial benefits.

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Oct 12, 2010

Brazil Amazon forest to be privately managed

(Reuters) - Brazil will auction large swaths of the Amazon forest to be managed by private timber companies and cooperatives to help reduce demand for illegal logging, a top official told Reuters on Monday.

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Brazilian Forest Service launches sustainable forestry fund

A new initiative has been launched by Brazilian government agencies that will see the distribution of more that 2.2 million reals worth of funding to sustainable forestry projects before the end of the year.

The National Fund for Forestry Development (FNDF), which is being managed by the Brazilian Forest Service (SFB), is encouraging applications for funding from projects that aim to use the nation's forests in both enterprising and environmentally friendly ways.


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