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Issue date: 
May 11, 2012

UN adopts historic ‘land grab’ guidelines

The United Nations has adopted global guidelines for rich countries buying land in developing nations. The voluntary rules call on governments to protect the rights of indigenous peoples who use the land.

Issue date: 
April 30, 2012

The Story of REDD: a real solution to deforestation?

Issue date: 
April 29, 2012

Transnational Land Deals for Agriculture in the Global South: Analytical Report based on the Land Matrix Database

April, 2012. Ward Anseeuw, Mathieu Boche, Thomas Breu, Markus Giger, Jann Lay, Peter Messerli and Kerstin Nolte. CDE/CIRAD/GIGA. Bern/Montpellier/Hamburg. 50 pages. ISBN: 978-92-95093-71-3


Issue date: 
April 29, 2012

The global land rush: what the evidence reveals about scale and geography

Issue date: 
March 29, 2012

Impacts of cardamom cultivation on montane forest ecosystems in Sri Lanka

The cultivation of cash crops in the understorey of tropical forests is an ancient practice, but the effects of cultivation on forest ecosystem processes are poorly understood.

Issue date: 
April 26, 2012

Mexico sets global benchmark on tackling deforestation

Below the global radar, a major victory was secured in Mexico on Tuesday, April 24, in the worldwide battle to prevent deforestation and forest degradation, which are collectively the world’s second largest sources of greenhouse emissions.

Issue date: 
April 20, 2012

Examining protected area effectiveness in Sumatra: importance of regulations governing unprotected lands

Issue date: 
Apr 19, 2012

Forests equal to half of Delhi lost, reveals report

Going by the latest report on deforestation in India, we have lost forest area equivalent to more than half of New Delhi or as big as a tier two city between 2007 and 2009 alone.

Issue date: 
April 11, 2012

SHARE: print Scientists unlock indigenous secret to sustainable agriculture in the Amazon's savannas

Indigenous populations in the Amazon successfully farmed without the use of fire before the arrival of Europeans, demonstrating a potentially sustainable approach to land management in a region that

Issue date: 
April 13, 2012

Traditional Slash and Burn Agriculture Sustainable Solution to Climate Change

Climate change is the result of not behaving in the right way according to the isolated Trio, an indigenous people living in Suriname’s Amazon forest near its border with Brazil.


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