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Nepal's forests: Selling carbon credits

Nepal, like any other developing country, now could sell carbon credits in the global market by way of reducing its contemporary deforestation and degradation rates and by way of forest conservation and enhancement. It sounds too good to be true? No, surely not.

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March 28, 2010

Guyana: Norway’s disingenuousness once more

In this week’s column I shall temporarily digress from my originally intended topic, which was to continue the discussion centred on the fuzziness in the LCDS and other related official documents about the size of the total forest area that is being pledged under the strategy, as well as that

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March 27, 2010

US company awarded US$15 million Amalia Falls road project

U.S. company Synergy Holdings has been awarded a US$15 million project to build roads and bridges necessary for the start-up of the Amalia Falls Hydro project, Head of the Privatisation Unit, Winston Brassington, confirmed last evening.
President Bharrat Jagdeo announced the award of the contract at his office yesterday, noting that efforts are being made to conclude the financial arrangements for the Hydro project.
The Inter-American Development Bank and the China Development Bank have agreed to finance the US$450 million project.

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12 March 2010

The UN-REDD Programme releases its inaugural Year in Review report for 2009

The UN-REDD Programme releases its inaugural Year in Review report for 2009.

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26 March 2010

UN-REDD Programme Board Holds Fourth Meeting

The UN-REDD Programme Policy Board met for its fourth meeting from 18-19 March 2010, in Nairobi, Kenya, and approved US$14.7 million in funding for national UN-REDD programmes in Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

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March 26, 2010

Obama To Bring Climate Change Agenda To Indonesia

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - US President Barack Obama who has delayed until next June his planned visit to Indonesia will bring three agenda items on climate change, a WWF official said.

"There are three agenda items, namely forest and peat land management, clean technology and climate change, and coral triangle," WWF-Indonesia Program Director for climate and energy affairs, Fitrian Ardiansyah said here on Thursday.

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Business should get credit for saving forests, coalition says

Power companies should get credit under a climate change bill for forest conservation, a coalition of groups said Monday.

Companies also should get credit for supporting farming activites that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the groups said.

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25 March 2010

World deforestation decreases, but remains alarming in many countries


World deforestation, mainly the conversion of tropical forests to agricultural land, has decreased over the past ten years but continues at an alarmingly high rate in many countries, FAO announced today.

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February 8, 2010

City Dwellers Drive Deforestation in 21st Century

Satellite data reveals that demand from urban areas may be the primary driver of the loss of trees--a shift from the patterns of the past


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