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REDD plans move forward despite concerns

As part of the programme for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD, see Update 57), Guyana, Panama and Indonesia submitted readiness pr

Issue date: 
September 4, 2009

Germany to pay $ 650 million in order to protect Rainforests in Ecuador

Germany has apparently agreed to fund a significant portion of Ecuador's scheme to leave Amazon rainforest oil reserves in the ground, according to Business Green.

EU and US to dissent on how to agree a new climate deal

The dispute between the US and Europe is over the way national carbon reduction targets would be counted. Europe has been pushing to retain structures and systems set up under the Kyoto protocol, the existing global treaty on climate change. US negotiators have told European counterparts that the Obama administration intends to sweep away almost all of the Kyoto architecture and replace it with a system of its own design.

How to combat deforestation in central Brazil?

“At regional and global levels, especially in inland Amazonia and other regions in southern central Brazil, if the rate of deforestation is not reduced, removal of plant cover can affect rainfall, as has been scientifically demonstrated.”

Brazil and Guyana to bridge the gap!

Economic incentives for countries such as Brazil and Guyana could provide the answer to a complex environmental problem

Issue date: 
September 10, 2009

Carbon Offsets and Human Rights - do they fit into one another?

Double Jeopardy: Carbon Offsets and Human Rights Abuses

EU will Milliarden an Entwicklungsländer für den Kampf gegen den Klimawandel zahlen

Die Kommission schlägt vor, den Entwicklungsländern ab 2013 jährlich steigende Beträge zu zahlen, um mit dem Klimawandel zurechtzukommen.

EU Chair lowers expectations to COP15

2009-08-31: As an agreement that will keep global warming below two degrees C can probably not be found in Copenhagen, instead the EU should see December’s UN conference as a starting point, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says.

Global forest destruction seen overestimated?

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - The amount of carbon emissions caused by world forest destruction is likely far less than the 20 percent figure being widely used before global climate talks in December, said the head of the Brazilian institute that measures Amazon deforestation.

Study doubts UN calculation of climate change costs

The global cost of adapting to the effects of climate change will be at least two or three times higher than estimated by the UNFCCC, a new report states.


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