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January 31, 2012

TerraCarbon issues Forest Carbon Market update, January 2012

TerraCarbon has issued its January 2012 edition of the Forest Carbon Market Update.  Highlights include a look at global carbon prices and twelve market developments to look for in 2012.

Issue date: 
March 26, 2012

New research can save tropical forests

Scientists from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have investigated how much carbon the natural forests of Sri Lanka contain.

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Better Forest Data Lends Confidence to Carbon Markets

A study published in Nature Climate Change this week measured both the biomass of different types of tropical forests and the emissions lost via deforestation, providing more accurate data than was previously

Issue date: 
6 March 2012

ETS reminder to hundreds of forest owners

Waikato Regional Council is writing to hundreds of forest owners in the region reminding them they need to register their forests by 31 March if they want to qualify for and claim Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) New Zealand units under the first five-year sequestration period of the Kyoto Protocol

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World Bank Reports Experience with A/R Biocarbon Fund Projects

6 March 2012: The World Bank has published a new report by the BioCarbon Fund detailing the experience in over 2

Issue date: 
Mar. 02, 2012

Korea to Plant Trees in Indonesia for Carbon Emission Credits

Korea plans to receive 100 million tons of carbon emission credits over the next decade in return for planting trees on a 200,000-hectare plot of land in Indonesia.

Issue date: 
02 Mar, 2012

UN support for soil carbon

THE United Nations has thrown its support behind soil carbon, but Australian attempts to create a market mechanism to reward the building of soil carbon reserves are still mired in complexity.

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China mulls forestry credits in ETS: official

China is looking at ways to include forest carbon projects in its planned emissions trading scheme (ETS), according to a senior official, a move which would boost supply of lower-cost offsets for the country’s biggest emitters.

Issue date: 
March 08, 2012

World Bank’s BioCarbon Fund launch a report on AR CDM experience

The World Bank yesterday launched a new report by the BioCarbon Fund entitled “The BioCarbon Fund Experience: Insights from Afforestation / Reforestation Clean Development Mechanism Projects”. 

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Governments Embrace Carbon Voluntary Market

A growing number of national and regional governments are likely to use voluntary carbon credits to meet mandatory climate targets, a report by U.S. research company Ecosystem Marketplace said on Thursday.


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