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Issue date: 
Jan 17, 2013

Sodra Leaves Russian Pulp Mill Project

Södra has chosen to leave the project with Angara Paper to build a greenfield pulp mill in Russia.

Issue date: 
16 January 2013

Forestry carbon cash boost could 'help drive forest REDD+ scheme' claims FRA

The news that the World Bank's Forestry Carbon Fund has been boosted by an impressive $180 million in funding, has been welcomed by FRA.

Issue date: 
17 January 2013

Deforestation Drivers: Population, Migration, and Tropical Land Use

The tiny global minority residing in rural frontier areas—how long people remain there; the timing, magnitude, and characteristics of their consumption; and their demographic transitions—promises a vast impact on future tropical deforestation.

Issue date: 
17 January 2013

Ecuadorian tribe gets reprieve from oil intrusion

An indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon has won a reprieve after building up an arsenal of spears, blowpipes, machetes and guns to fend off an expected intrusion by the army and a state-run oil

Issue date: 
17 Jan 2013

REDD+ District-Level Consultation Workshops in Balochistan Province, Pakistan

ICIMOD and WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with the

Issue date: 
Jan 8, 2013

Development of integrated MRV systems for REDD+ in the SADC region

Title: Development of integrated MRV systems for REDD+ in the SADC region
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation and Nuclear Safety

Issue date: 
January 07, 2013

Agriculture, Forestry Key to Mitigating Climate Change

Forestry experts say it is time for a new approach in mitigating the causes of climate change.  And while the 2012 U.N.

Issue date: 
January 8, 2013

Going from Red to Green; the landscape approach

The UN climate talks in Doha, Qatar left key advocates red in the face due to the inability to agree on the verification of emission reductions required to advance implementation of REDD+.

Issue date: 
December 28, 2012

Legal Review of Recently Enacted Farmland Law and Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Lands Management Law

In order to inform Myanmar’s first multi-stakeholder national dialogue workshop on land tenure and user r

Issue date: 
November 27, 2012

Bamboo: A New Approach to Carbon Credits

It is estimated that bamboo forests and plantations cover 35 to 50 million hectares today, which translates into a significant amount of stored carbon.


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