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ETS - Emissions Trading Schemes (EU, NZ, ...) and Forest Carbon Credits

Issue date: 
November 2010

Building Forest Carbon Projects

Developing forest carbon projects is complex and often daunting for project proponents, whether they are from the private sector, civil society organizations or government agencies.

Issue date: 
December 20, 2010

Contracting for Carbon

Forest carbon payments – payments for restoring or planting forest, or for preventing forest degradation or deforestation – can help to prevent and reverse forest loss.

Issue date: 
18 Dec 2010

Carbon offset markets: How do they work?

The market for carbon as a traded commodity consists of two main sectors:

Issue date: 
December 6, 2010

Debunking the Myths of a REDD+ Market

A binding deal on the REDD+ scheme to conserve the world’s forests has never been so close. How to finance REDD+ is still under debate, but experts in Cancun have reiterated that a combination of financing mechanisms will be needed to ensure adequate REDD+ funding.

Issue date: 
December 9th, 2010

REDD+: The movement towards voluntary markets, and sub-national action.

The heavy interest in REDD+ projects is palpable here in Cancun.  What is not so evident is that the compliance markets are going to be ready to move the REDD+ agenda forward.  Even if an agreement comes out of this COP, it will effectively be authorizing the technical working groups to begin

Issue date: 

Approaches to Classifying and Restoring Degraded Tropical Forests for the Anticipated REDD+ Climate Change Mitigation Mechanism

Inclusion of improved forest management as a way to enhance carbon sinks in the Copenhagen Accord of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (December 2009) suggests that forest restoration will play a role in global climate change mitigation under the post-Kyoto agreement.

Issue date: 
29 November 2010

The role of the World Bank in carbon markets: The Carbon Finance Unit

Issue date: 
Nov 11, 2010

EU May Allow Carbon Credits From Forestry to Fill Gap, BNP Trader Says

The European Union may allow use of emission credits from forest protection to help fill any gap from a ban of some industrial-gas credits, a banker at BNP Paribas SA said.

Issue date: 
13 October 2010

VER market flat, with forestry bright spots

The voluntary carbon market remains sluggish, hit hard by the global financial crisis and ongoing worldwide recession, but life is flickering in the forest carbon segment.

Voluntary carbon buyers are in the market but taking much longer to carry out their buying programmes knowing they are in a good position to hold out and squeeze prices down, says David Pontis, an emissions broker at Tullet Prebon. Organisations are still offsetting but the market appears to be 70 per cent sellers and 30 per cent buyers currently, Pontis said.

Issue date: 
Tue Sep 28, 2010

Forestry gains momentum in voluntary carbon market

(Reuters) - Voluntary carbon market players could increase demand for carbon credits from the forestry sector after the first forestry investment was issued credits under an industry-backed standard last week.


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