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Recently radioactive wood pellets’s an emergence in Italy due to the Chernobyl AEP nuclear disaster in 1986

About 10,000 tons of radioactive wood pellets were imported by the Penal Court of Aosta in June, 18 of 2009. The radioactive wood pellets involved in this important Justice’s cause in Aosta came from sites of more than 29 Italian provinces. The radioactive wood pellets showed 300 becquerels per kg of inert material (the limit is 1000), while in ashes the radioactivity resulted about 40,000 becquerels.

Issue date: 
Jan 17, 2012

Georgia-Pacific Completes Sale of Business in Italy

Today, Georgia-Pacific has announced that it has completed the sale of the legal entity in Italy to Cartiera Lucchese (Lucart Group). A definitive agreement for the sale was announced last November and this closing concludes the sale process.

Issue date: 
July 5, 2010

Italy-China Partnership: Poplar-based Agroforestry Benefits Millions

Nestling on the North Jiangsu Plain, with a population of 1 million inhabitants, Siyang County is an ideal showcase of the integrated capacity of poplar forests to restore marginal flood plains, stabilizing the banks of the Yellow, Huai and Yangtze rivers and, directly and indirectly benefiti

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by Dr. Radut