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Issue date: 
21 Jun 2011

Japan solicits ‘REDD+’ projects under bilateral scheme

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Meti) said on Monday that it has begun to solicit avoided deforestation, as well as other projects aimed at reducing non-energy related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, under a bilateral offset mechanism.
Issue date: 
May 09, 2011

Japan: Timber industry in crisis

Many domestic wood processing mills in coastal areas in eastern Japan suffered extensive damage caused by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. It is estimated that a capacity of 60,000 cu.m of plywood per month has been lost.
Issue date: 
April 4, 2011

Macroeconomic impact of Japan's earthquake

Issue date: 
April 1st, 2011

Japan likely to boost log imports

Hakan Ekstrom, a principal of United States-based Wood Resources International in an article this week said reconstruction of up to 150,000 buildings in northern Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on 11 March 11 will boost NZ log exports.

Issue date: 
Mar 28, 2011

Japanese Importation of Logs, Lumber and Plywood in 2011 is Likely to be the Highest it has been Since 2008

Seattle, USA, Mar 28, 2011 - The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 is first and foremost a humanitarian tragedy that is difficult to comprehend. Over 10,000 people died during and in the immediate aftermath; more than 400,000 people lost their homes and 100-150,000 buildings were destroyed. The re-building of towns, roads, railways and the power grid in the impacted region northeast of Tokyo will be a lengthy and difficult undertaking.

Issue date: 
March 30, 2011

Japan is in urgent need of pre-fabricated houses and manufactured wood products

Issue date: 
March 14th, 2011

Lumber stocks react to Japan’s earthquake

There has been a lot of analysis in the last few days concerning the impact the massive earthquake, and tsunami in Japan will have on North American timber markets.

Issue date: 
March 18, 2011

Lumber pricing spikes in the aftermath of Japan's massive earthquake

Issue date: 
March 3, 2011

Integrating environmental, social and economic values of Forests

Issue date: 
Feb 17, 2011

Japan offers emission reduction exchange mechanism with RI

Jakarta, Feb 15 (ANTARA) - Japanese entrepreneurs grouped in Keidanren offer to establish a mechanism for emission reduction exchange with Indonesia, Vice President Boediono`s spokesman said here Monday.

"Keidanren offers a carbon emission exhange system with Indonesia, and Japan will provide sophisticated and inexpensive technology," said Yopie Hidayat at the Vice President`s office after accompanying Boediono at the meeting with the head of Keidanren, Hiromasa Yonekura, here Monday.


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