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Issue date: 
July 5th, 2011

Biofuels in Malaysia

Malaysia is the world’s largest exporter and the second largest producer of crude palm oil.

Issue date: 
01 Feb 2011

Malaysia deforestation: Can palm oil plantations be good news?

Whilst the latest news on Malaysian deforestation is bad, it must be recognised that palm oil can be a positive force for the countries where it is grown, writes Adam Harrison of the World Wildlife Fund.

One of the biggest drivers of forest loss in Malaysia and Indonesia is palm oil.

Issue date: 
27 August 2010


London, 27 August 2010: The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) commends Norway’s divestment of its pension fund’s shares in Malaysian loggers Samling Global this week, but calls for a more comprehensive review of the fund's wider investments of over $400 million in

Issue date: 
August 31, 2010

The Missionary Position: The export of carbon guilt to the developing world

The advocates of renewable energy have long chanted a mantra of “green jobs, energy security and lower emissions”, but in country after country we continue to see a fork in the road emerging whereby individual nations are forced to make choices between lowering (global) emissions or developin

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