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March 22, 2012

Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update

Wood chip exports from Australia fell in 2011 to their lowest level in 11 years and Vietnam took over as world’s largest chip exporter, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly Vietnam has taken over Australia as the world’s largest supplier of wood chips to pulp mills in Asia.

Issue date: 
July 5th, 2011

Chopping for chips

This paper aims to provide a better understanding of the wood flows from smallholder plantations to industrial buyers in the Binh Dinh and Phu Tho provinces of Vietnam.

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Energieholzpreise Österreich

Marktanalyse II: Energieholzpreise

Issue date: 
January 5, 2011

Argus Launches North American Wood Chip Price Assessments

HOUSTON, USA, Jan 5, 2011 - International energy pricing agency Argus today launched North American wood chip assessments.

Issue date: 
November 22nd, 2010

Global Wood Chip Price Indices being launched

More than 80 million tons of wood chips, valued at almost ten billion US dollars, are traded annually in the open market worldwide and the shipment volumes are increasing. The vast majority of traded wood chips are currently utilized for pulp production, but the volumes used to generate energy are growing.

Issue date: 
October 27, 2010

Wood chip indices - a new tool for companies

Wood chip indices are well suited for forest and energy companies who can use price indices for benchmarking and for the financial community, which can use the Indices as price risk management tools.

Issue date: 
August 27, 2010

Project turns wood into oil substitute

Mississippi could become the first place in the world where simple woodchips are turned into a commercial crude oil substitute.

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Biomass power plant finds wood to burn

The company that wants to build a controversial wood-burning power plant near Shelton has signed a fuel-supply contract with Mason County’s largest private timberland owner – Green Diamond Resource Co.

Terms of the contract were not disclosed, but Adage spokesman Tom DePonty said the agreement should provide about 20 percent of the 604,000 tons of wood debris the company needs to power its plant each year.

It is the first fuel-supply contract signed by Adage and a forest landowner for the $250 million project.

Issue date: 
Apr 5, 2010

Nova Scotia Power and NewPage propose renewable co-generation project

Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) and NewPage Port Hawkesbury Corp. (NewPage) today announced agreements to develop a new 60 MW biomass co-generation facility.

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Japan Wants World's Largest Woodchip Exporter to Sell FSC Certified Product

It takes time, sometimes decades, but people power can turn around seemingly unstoppable juggernauts. That seems to be what is happening with regard to Tasmania's old growth forests.


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