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Northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK)

Issue date: 
December 14, 2011

New accord for tropical forests enters into force

The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) announced the entry into force of the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 2006 (ITTA, 2006) effective Wednesday, December 7th 2011.

Issue date: 
April 20th, 2011

Forest workers ready to strike in British Columbia

Forestry workers in British Columbia‘s southern interior are ready to strike.

Issue date: 
November 20, 2009

Russian pulp and paper market to revive not earlier than in 2010

According to intermediate results, Russian timber industry remains unprofitable – in the first half of

Huge European Pulp&Paper closures expected in 2010?


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Okt. 23, 2009 (Viewpoint) - North American coated paper markets have come a long way toward closing the gaping hole between supply and demand that opened up as a result of the collapse in magazines and catalogs. A gap of more than 2.0 million tons (annualized) opened up between actual capacity and the normal level of capacity that would be needed to support a 95% operating rate in North America. Producers coped with this problem by shutting even more capacity and taking massive amounts of downtime at their remaining mills.

European Paper & Board consumption minus in 1Q 09

Paper and board deliveries by CEPI countries were 21.7 million tonnes in the first quarter of 2009 as demand continues to be affected by the economic situation

Consumption and trade in paper and board contracted further during the first quarter of 2009 as the global economic downturn continued to affect the industry. Consumption was at its lowest quarterly level since 2003 and total exports fell below 3 million tonnes in a quarter for the first time since this report was introduced.

Higher pulp prices in July 2009

29.6.2009: For the second consecutive month, pulp producers are taking advantage of tighter supply conditions, if not better demand, and are seeking price hikes worldwide. For July, increases have been announced for softwood and hardwoods for North America, Europe and China/Asia. The hikes are generally $20-$30/tonne, but a $20-$40 increases for North American NBSK would put the list at $700.

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