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International wood pellets markets - a retrospection on 2008

The use of wood pellets as fuel for domestic stoves and boilers and for co-firing in thermal power plants has been an amazing success story over the past 10 years. Recently, the exorbitant speed of growth caused supply problems and a slowdown of markets, but the next boom is waiting, says Christian Rakos.

MGT Power have announced plans for second biomass power plant

MGT Power Ltd has announced plans to develop a second major biomass power generation project at the Port of Tyne in the North Tyneside.   The proposed 295MW Tyne Renewable Energy Plant (Tyne REP) will be located on industrial land in the Port of Tyne, North Shields and is 10 kms east of Newcas

Wood pellets for Europe from Papua New Guinea?

Conservation International (CI) and the Medco foundation joined in a partnership to develop spatial planning scenarios for wood pellet plantations in southern Papua.

Russian sawmill to increase Pellets production

Start-up of pellet production at Sawmill 25 (Arkhangelsk region) has become the final stage of the sawmill’s modernization programme aimed at the whole technological process upgrading that has been realized since 2004.

Radioaktive Holzpellets aus Litauen?

Sonntag, 14.6.2009: In Italien sind 10.000 Tonnen Holzpellets aus Litauen wegen möglicher radioaktiver Verschmutzung vom Markt genommen worden. Wie die italienische Tageszeitung "La Stampa" heute berichtete, wurde die Rückrufaktion am Vortag von der Staatsanwaltschaft im norditalienischen Aosta angeordnet.

Energieholzpreise im Höhenflug

19. Mai 2009: Hawkins Wright hat den ersten Bericht über weltweite Energieholzpreise veröffentlicht (in Englisch) - The Forest Energy Monitor(Text aus Archiv als Download, 1.8 MB).

Trees instead of ethanol...

It didn't take long for the debate on biofuels to heat up again, despite the bottom-of-the-barrel price of oil and an economy in the drink. This time, it was a study published in the February issue of Science that said corn-based ethanol could add nearly twice as many greenhouse emissions as fossil fuels. Not to be left out, the California State Regulators, among others, have jumped into the fray and now seem ready to declare that biofuel will not help reduce global warming.

Wood pellets prices up in Europe

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Increase in Demand for Wood Pellets Pushed Prices Upward in Europe in 4Q/08, Reports WRQ


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