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Wood chips

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Japan Wants World's Largest Woodchip Exporter to Sell FSC Certified Product

It takes time, sometimes decades, but people power can turn around seemingly unstoppable juggernauts. That seems to be what is happening with regard to Tasmania's old growth forests.

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Hekotek to win the Russian market: new order from Siberia for pellet plant

November 2009 AS Hekotek (Estonia) and Novoeniseysk LKhK (Russia, Krasnoyarsk area) signed an agreement on construction of a pellet plant with sawmilling wastes to be used as a raw material. The plant is to be launched summer 2010.

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Jän. 18, 2010

In China, environmental change we can believe in?

BEDFORD, MA, Jän. 18, 2010 (RISI) - Actual consumption of wood pulp in China remains on a robust upward trend.

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July 11, 2008

Australian Woochip prices going up the roof

Higher Wood Chip Export Prices in Australia in 2008 as Wood Supply Tightens Around the Pacific Rim

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April 3, 2008

All time high for Canadian/US woodchip prices

Export Prices for Wood Chips from Canada and the US to Japan Reach 13 Year High in 2008

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December 19, 2009

Japan calls for eco-safe chips

JAPANESE companies have demanded Tasmania provide them with Forest Stewardship Council accredited woodchips.

Chinese order more chips

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December 12, 2009

Exports of wood chips from Australia have declined 28% in 2009

Seattle, USA. October, 2009. Australia, the world largest exporter of wood chips reduced shipments by 28% during the first half of 2009.

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November 16, 2009

Britain cuts down forests to keep ‘green’ power stations burning

Britain is set to plunder the lungs of the world to feed its growing hunger for wood to burn in power stations.

Bio-fuel levy the last straw for NZ forest owners

A NZ Government decision to make big companies pay for some of their greenhouse gas emissions when using wood pellets and other biofuels is seen as the last straw by many in the forest industry. Reports Friday Off Cuts


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