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Forest energy

Ever thought about the real costs of Biomass?

The biorefinery crowds, indeed many in the entire "private" energy research arena, are running around calling their efforts the new "Manhattan Project." They could not be further from the truth. It really deserves to be called the "Amtrak Project"--let me explain.

Biokraftstoffboom bedroht Erdklima

Biokraftstoffe gelten als klimaneutrale Alternative zu fossilen Brennstoffen wie etwa Erdöl. Deshalb tauchen sie in den bisherigen Klimaregelungen nicht auf. Aber ihr zunehmender Anbau droht die Erdatmosphäre einer Studie zufolge bis Ende dieses Jahrhunderts massiv mit Treibhausgasen zu belasten.

Filling a Need: Forest Plantations for Bioenergy in the South

The growing number of renewable energy projects in the Southern U.S. utilizing woody biomass will require the development of short-rotation bioenergy plantations.

Industrial woody biomass gasification for Vancouver

VANCOUVER, Sept. 10 /CNW/ - Nexterra Systems Corp. (www.nexterra.ca), aleading supplier of biomass gasification solutions announced today that it has
been selected by the City of Stamford, Connecticut to develop a biomassgasification system for the Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority("SWPCA"). The energy system will supply Stamford with clean renewable thermal energy that will reduce Stamford's fuel costs and carbon footprint.

Sweden consumes more than 20% of the world’s wood pellets and demand is growing

The decision by EU to use a minimum of 20% renewable energy by 2020 has driven a rapid increase in wood pellet production in Europe. Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the UK are expected to have the fastest growth in consumption the coming 10 years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.   

Biofuel production research - EU funds project

International wood pellets markets - a retrospection on 2008

The use of wood pellets as fuel for domestic stoves and boilers and for co-firing in thermal power plants has been an amazing success story over the past 10 years. Recently, the exorbitant speed of growth caused supply problems and a slowdown of markets, but the next boom is waiting, says Christian Rakos.

Wood pellets for Europe from Papua New Guinea?

Conservation International (CI) and the Medco foundation joined in a partnership to develop spatial planning scenarios for wood pellet plantations in southern Papua.

Radioaktive Holzpellets aus Litauen?

Sonntag, 14.6.2009: In Italien sind 10.000 Tonnen Holzpellets aus Litauen wegen möglicher radioaktiver Verschmutzung vom Markt genommen worden. Wie die italienische Tageszeitung "La Stampa" heute berichtete, wurde die Rückrufaktion am Vortag von der Staatsanwaltschaft im norditalienischen Aosta angeordnet.

Money doesn't grow on trees

Money doesn't grow on trees, but bioenergy might

Climate change. Recycling. Bioenergy. Sustainability. The agenda for PricewaterhouseCoopers' 22nd Annual Global Forest and Paper Industry Conference in mid-May read like it could have been written for a Greenpeace meeting.


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