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Forest energy

Issue date: 
June 11, 2010

Biomass confusion in the U.S.

The Biomass Power Association is requesting an apology and a clarification statement from the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for misinformation communicated in a study released June 10.

Issue date: 
June 8, 2010

NV Energy hopeful waste wood will become an energy source

By 2025, a quarter of Nevada’s energy must come from renewable sources

Issue date: 
7 June, 2010

Ensyn Technologies Inc. and Tolko Industries Ltd: to build world's largest commercial fast pyrolysis plant

OTTAWA and VERNON, BC, June 7 /CNW/ - ENSYN TECHNOLOGIES INC. AND TOLKO INDUSTRIES LTD. announced today that they have formed a partnership to build the world's largest commercial fast pyrolysis plant in High Level, Alberta.

Issue date: 
May 24, 2010

Tomsk region to develop pellet production

LLC Sandzhikles  (Tomsk region) - harvesting and woodworking mill – put an advanced sawmilling plant in 2010, which allows selling high quality sawn timber.

Issue date: 
May 24, 2010

90 Scientists Urge Congress Not to 'Cook the Books' in CO2 Accounting for Biofuels, Other Bioenergy Sources

Concerns Expressed About Treatment of Bioenergy Sources in U.S. House and Senate Climate/Energy Bills; Improper Accounting Could Lead to Large-Scale Destruction of Forests, Undercutting of Other Climate Change Gains.

Issue date: 
30 April 2010

Poor want biomass, not biodiversity, finds study

Preserving biodiversity may be the goal of conservationists and environmental activists, but preserving biomass is a more important priority for the poor, says a literature review. The finding, which researchers said was unexpected, was the result of one of three reviews pre

Issue date: 
May 7 2010

Värö world’s first fossil-fuel-free pulp mill

Södra Cell has completed the investments, which make its Värö mill the world’s first fossil-fuel-free pulp mill.

Issue date: 
Tuesday May 04 2010

Making your thinnings pay

Prices for timber are good right now and it makes sense to sell when market conditions are in our favour. But it's not always that easy, especially if the area to be thinned contains mixed species or is under 10ha in size -- or both.

Issue date: 
Apr 28, 2010

Renewable Electricity Plan concerns Forest Industry

Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia (FPANS) has concerns with Nova Scotia's new Renewable Electricity Plan released on Friday (April 23rd) by the provincial government (.pdf).

Issue date: 
April 19, 2010

From pulp and paper to helicopter fuel!



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