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Forest energy

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Villagers now warming to sustainable forestry

BEIJING - Like many women in Sancha, a village in the mountainous Huairou district where temperatures can reach as low as -12 C, 53-year-old Liu Xiuying is looking forward to an easier winter this year thanks to a grant that helped improve the energy efficiency of her rural suburban home.

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August 25th, 2011

New school in Fredericton to be heated with wood pellets

A new school being constructed in Fredericton, New Brunswick will be the first in the province to be heated with wood pellets.

The school will be equipped with a wood pellet fired hot water boiler.

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Aug. 26, 2011

Nexterra Biomass System at UNBC confirmed as one of the cleanest in North America


Issue date: 
August 17, 2011

Forestry sector lays the roots for a future in bioproducts

When they look at a forest, most people see a source of paper, cardboard and lumber. But jet fuel?

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Aug. 8, 2011

Strategic forescasting of European biomass demand

BEDFORD, MA, Aug. 8, 2011 (RISI) - As European countries push forward to meet renewable energy goals of 20% by 2020, demand for imported biomass -- specifically, wood pellets -- will rise.

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22 Jul 2011

Growing popularity of log-burning stoves fuels rise in timber thefts

Foresters and conservation workers say they have seen thefts of timber grow as families faced with soaring oil, gas and electricity prices try to find alternative fuel sources.

Issue date: 
4th August 2011

Sappi says cogeneration a strong feature of cost reduction plan

South African paper manufacturer Sappi is “aggressively” pursuing restructuring and cost reduction plans, with cogeneration featuring strongly, CEO Ralph Boëttger said on Thursday.

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20 July 2011

'We either burn charcoal or die of starvation'

Veronica Erupe has lived in the village of Manyatta Chokaa, along the Isiolo-Samburu district border in northern Kenya, since 2008 when she fled drought and frequent livestock rustling at her Baragoi home, 600km away.

Issue date: 
September 2009

Developing a Sustainable Biomass Forest Industry: Case of the U.S. Northeast

Who isn't in search of clean, cheap energy? Policy makers, residents and investors around the region are, and they are taking a close look at biomass energy, that is, burning low-grade wood or other plant materials for high-tech electricity generation.

Issue date: 
August 1, 2011

Dovetail Partners Releases New Report on Bioenergy

A new report from Dovetail Partners evaluates the life cycle impacts of forest management and bioenergy. The report reviews new research findings addressing the potential role of forests in bioenergy development in the context of sustainable forest management.


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