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January 2nd, 2013

North American lumber prices forecast to soar in 2013

New five-year outlook shows that supply and demand conditions in wood products for the long-awaited ‘super-cycle’ are now taking hold, with the full impact still some 3+ years away!

Issue date: 
January 2nd, 2013

Lowest softwood wood fibre prices seen since 2010

The declining prices for softwood pulp during much of 2012 have forced many pulp mills to try to cut wood fibre costs to remain profitable.

Issue date: 
2nd November 2012

Difficulties ahead for Russian logging industry

WOOD MARKETS successfully wrapped up its seventh international tour of Russia’s forest industry on 16 September 2012. Some key issues identified during the tour included:

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Domestic timber demand on the rise in Brazil

Research has shown that domestic demand for timber in Brazil is on the rise, along with costs.

Issue date: 
July 18th, 2012

British Columbia Lumber Trade Council pleased with softwood lumber decision

The British Columbia Lumber Trade Council (BCLTC) responded today to the decision by the London Court of International Arbitration that Canada and British Columbia were not in breach of the Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) in the pricing of British Co

Issue date: 
Mar 18, 2012

New Forests Leads Purchase of 46,000 Hectare Australian Softwood Plantation

Funds managed by New Forests have taken a controlling interest in the 46,000 hectare Auspine estate. New Forests' Australia New Zealand Forest Fund is the lead investor in the transaction, which includes the land and trees of the 64-property estate, formerly owned and managed by Gunns Limited.

Issue date: 
March 7, 2012

Eucalyptus and pine log prices in Brazil close to all-time high

Eucalyptus and pine log prices in Brazil close to all-time highs in the 4Q/11, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly Wood costs for pulp mills and sawmills in Brazil have gone up over the

Issue date: 
January 31, 2012

China is now the world’s largest importer of softwood lumber and logs

Reduced activities in the housing construction sector in China decreased importation of softwood logs and lumber in late 2011, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

Issue date: 
December 7th, 2011

Softwood dumping investigation

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has launched anti-dumping procedures against softwood lumber imports from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Canada, and the USA.

Issue date: 
October 31, 2011

Other sources of softwood logs for China

SEATTLE, WA, Okt. 31, 2011 (RISI) - Note to RISI readers who may feel that we are becoming the "All China -- All the Time" channel: I really did have another subject in mind for this Viewpoint, on South America, but then I received an interesting email from Lithuania and got a bit side-tracked.


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