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Nachhaltige Forstwirtschaft

Issue date: 
August 23, 2012

Forests need help

The unanimous decision of the special committee on timber sup-ply to support an increase of logging in "marginally economic forests" and in old-growth reserves previously ruled off limits to logging is outrageous.

Issue date: 
22 Aug 2012

MLAs Blow Chance to Help Us See BC's Next Forest Industry

The Special Legislative Committee on Timber Supply has completed their report intended to help the forest sector and communities impac

Issue date: 
August 21, 2012

MLAs aren't facing the truth: B.C. forests are tapped out

Since May, when a special committee of the legislature was appointed to address a looming "timber supply" crisis, questions have arisen about what the committee would say about one community in particular.

Committee recommends measures to increase timber supply

VICTORIA –The Special Committee on Timber Supply today released its unanimous report making 22 recommendations to increase the supply and value of mid-term timber and to strengthen future forest management in the B.C. Central Interior.

Issue date: 
August 1, 2012

More logging won't cure trade's ills

Issue date: 
August 29, 2012

Laos shares land and forestry management goals

Land and forestry is the primary resource of the nation, and needs to be managed properly in order to improve local people's living conditions and further socio-economic development in Laos. 

Issue date: 
Sept 3, 2012

REDD+ Finance and Safeguards

Finance for safeguards implementation is essential to attract and sustain funding

Issue date: 
04 September 2012

India’s forest area in doubt

To judge from India’s official surveys, the protection of its forests is a success. Somehow, this resource-hungry country of 1.2 billion people is managing to preserve its rich forests almost intact in the face of growing demands for timber and agricultural land.

Issue date: 
September 4, 2012

Consumer demand 'can influence sustainable forestry'

Harvesting forestry sustainably and profitably is entirely possible, but requires consumers and businesses to pressurise governments into action.

Issue date: 
26 July 2012

Ten Central African countries agree to improve forest monitoring

A new regional initiative will help ten Central African countries to set up advanced national forest monitoring systems, FAO announced today.


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by Dr. Radut