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Nachhaltige Waldwirtschaft

Issue date: 
15 May 2012

1.3 billion people rely on forests to survive

Hands off our forest! The UN has adopted a series of voluntary guidelines to protect indigenous peoples' rights to the land on which they live.

Issue date: 

South-South Learning: From Payments for Environmental Services to REDD+ in Latin America


Issue date: 
March 29, 2012

Impacts of cardamom cultivation on montane forest ecosystems in Sri Lanka

The cultivation of cash crops in the understorey of tropical forests is an ancient practice, but the effects of cultivation on forest ecosystem processes are poorly understood.

Issue date: 
April 25 2012

Logging companies may assist rural development: Study

Logging companies play a key role in developing forest regions in Central Africa, a CIFOR report studying the impact of commercial forest management says.

Issue date: 
April 30 2012

The dilemma on jhum cultivation

As a region, the Chitta-gong Hill Tracts constitutes almost one-tenth of the territory of the country. Both demographic and environmental conditions of the area are different from other regions because of its geographic and cultural peculiarities.

Issue date: 
May 2, 2012

Uganda ‘tree banks’ offer investors good returns

For Peter Nyeko, a Ugandan businessman always on the lookout for the next hot investment, nothing in the world beats the humble tree.

Issue date: 

Foresters should have their say on new rules

Issue date: 
03 May 2012

Putting Free, Prior, And Informed Consent Into Practice In REDD+ Initiatives

The principle that indigenous peoples and local communities have a right to give or withhold their Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) to developments affecting natural resources is not new.

Issue date: 
May 1, 2012

Ecuador Asks World to Pay to Keep Yasuni Oil Underground

Ecuador is eyeing the international Green Climate Fund as a way to help pay for its plan to trade oil for forests, a top government representative said.

Issue date: 
May 3, 2012

Rebirth Control: Lessons Learned from 90 Years of Rainforest Regeneration

There are macaques everywhere—climbing on the rocks, grooming one another as they sit on the forest floor. Others have babies on their backs as they trot along at a fair clip.


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