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Nachhaltige Waldwirtschaft

Issue date: 
April 3, 2012

CANADA: The most experienced country in sustainable forest management!

The global rate of deforestation has begun to decline in recent years, but each year, an area of forest the size of Costa Rica, approximately 50,000 sq km, is still destroyed, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Issue date: 
10 April 2012

Thirty Years of Sustainable Forest Management in Africa

As a contribution to the commemoration of the UN International Year of Forests (2011), the United Nations Forum on Forests commissioned the publication of a book entitled "Forests for People" which contains submissions from key institutions and professionals that are making important contribution

Issue date: 
12 Apr 2012

Sustainable Forest Management - Case Studies

The book collects original case studies from 12 different countries i

Issue date: 
April 11, 2012

Sappi Strives to Take the Guilt Out of Paper

Sappi Fine Paper North America has released eQ Journal 004, an in-depth look at sustainable forestry.

Issue date: 
17 April 2012

Forester slams sustainable forest management claims

Claims of sustainable management of Guyana’s forests made by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment are false even for one of the best-known timbers, says John Palmer, a Senior Associate of the Forest Management Trust.

Issue date: 
April 26, 2012

Mexico sets global benchmark on tackling deforestation

Below the global radar, a major victory was secured in Mexico on Tuesday, April 24, in the worldwide battle to prevent deforestation and forest degradation, which are collectively the world’s second largest sources of greenhouse emissions.

Issue date: 
April 25, 2012

Leaked Cabinet document reveals how far government was willing to go

When I was home during the Easter break I caught wind that the government was contemplating a “Burns Lake Recovery Act,” legislation designed to guarantee a log supply for Burns Lake to ensure Hampton Affiliates would rebuild the mill that burned down in January.

Issue date: 
April 16, 2012

EARTH MEANDERS: The Great Rainforest Heist

The world’s pre-eminent environmental organizations, widely perceived as the leading advocates for rainforests and old growth, have for decades been actively promoting primary forest logging [

Issue date: 
April 20, 2012

Learning for the future: forestry training and education

National and international focus on forests and forestry has grown rapidly in recent times. New factors are coming into play and an increased understanding of forest-related processes and how to manage them for the greatest benefit is required.

Issue date: 
April 20, 2012

Province considers 'option' of over-riding chief forester to supply mills with timber

A leaked Ministry of Forests document reveals a proposal that the B.C. government override the top official charged with managing the province's forests to find a timber supply for Burns Lake.


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