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Issue date: 
June 10th, 2011

SFI Grant helps Audubon New York link forest management to bird conservation

Issue date: 
June 5, 2011

UK: Hidden value of nature revealed in groundbreaking study

The true value of nature can be shown for the very first time thanks to groundbreaking research by hundreds of UK scientists.

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Where there is forest, there is life

THE Hindu people of India have a saying in their language stating, “if there is forest there is life and if there life there is forest.”

Issue date: 
May 10, 2011

REDD Rag to Indigenous Forest Dwellers

MEXICO CITY, May 10, 2011 (IPS) - The implementation of a forestry programme against climate change in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas poses a threat to indigenous people in the state, non-governmental organisations warn.

Issue date: 
May 04, 2011

European Commission announces new strategy to halt biodiversity loss within ten years

Issue date: 
April 25, 2011

The Vaitarna matter

A report by the Times of India earlier this month that an Indian company, Vaitarna Holdings, controlled 1.82M acres of Guyanese forest deservedly captured media scrutiny here.

Issue date: 
21 Apr 2011

Nearly Half of Amazon Is Protected But Vulnerable

Issue date: 
March 23, 2011

How Two 15-Year-Old Girl Scouts Are Changing a Giant Food Conglomerate

Issue date: 
13 April 2011

CBD Releases Report on REDD+ and Biodiversity Safeguards Workshop in Asia-Pacific

Europe - Land cover country analyses

On 29 March 2011, the European Environment Agency (EEA) published 36 land cover country analyses based on CLC 2006 data. Each of the country reports provides graphs and maps based on a common template that characterise land cover changes concisely. The provided information does not represent reporting from the Countries, however it is based on validated CLC2006 data.


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