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Wir bieten Managementberatung für gesamte forstwirtschaftliche Wertschöpfungkette vom Urproduzenten bis zum Endverbraucher. Unsere langjährigen Erfahrung erlaubt es uns, erfolgsentscheidende soziale, ökologsiche oder ökonomsiche Einflussgrößen in Ihrem Betrieb detailliert und präzise zu identifizieren um entsprechnde Führungsmaßnahmen zu treffen. Dadurch helfen wir unseren Kunden strategische Chancen schnell zu nutzen und möglichen Problemen vorzeitig aus dem Wege zu gehen.

Unser Leistungsspektrum umfasst auch Strategieentwicklung sowie deren Umsetzung im Bereich der Forst-und Holzwirtschaft innerhalb der einzelnen Wertschöpfungsebenen aber auch zwischen den Ebenen. So helfen wir unseren Kunden neue Märkte in der Holzverwendung zu erschließen oder aber zukünftige Entwicklungen der Holzmärkte abzuschätzen.

Durch die Kombination unserer überragenden Branchenkenntnisse und unseres Management Know-Hows mit bewährten Methoden zum nachhaltigen Schutz von Ökosystemen und der Biodiversität unterstützen wir unsere Kunden bei der Zertifizierung ihrer Wälder oder Plantagen sowie bei der angeschlossenen chain of custody.

Wir ergänzen mit unserem umfasenden branchenspezifischen Wissen nahtlos die Kompetenzen der Mitarbeiter unserer Kunden. Unsere Arbeitsmethoden reichen von der technischen Analyse bis zur Prozessoptimierung, von Sparring- bis hin zu Szenarioworkshops. Wir arbeiten in jeder Organsiationsebne.

Unser einigartiges Wissen um den gesamten Forstsektor ermöglicht es uns, schon die geringsten Vorzeichen einer Veränderung im Geschäftsumfeld unserer Kunden entsprechend zu interpretieren und mit dem Kunden gemeinsam nach einer Lösung zu suchen.


Etwas über die Hintergründe zur mitteleuropäischen Forstwirtschaft finden Sie hier

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-22 11:40 |

Construction equipment manufacturers are joining the surge of companies shutting down their operations in Russia.

CaterpillarHitachi Construction MachineryKomatsu and JCB have all announced decisions to suspend operations in the country until further notice.

In a statement, Caterpillar...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-18 14:02 |

A University of Michigan and Ford Motor Company study evaluates the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions relative to gasoline-powered pickup trucks as part of the decarbonization of the transportation industry.

Sedan, SUV, and pickup truck battery-electric vehicles have approximately 64% lower cradle-to-grave life cycle greenhouse gas emissions than internal-combustion-engine vehicles on average across the United States.

Replacing an internal-combustion-engine pickup with a...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-18 13:07 |

Pölkky Oy, a Finnish wood processing company, has awarded AFRY an engineering and consulting services assignment for the renovation projects of its sawmills in Kajaani and Taivalkoski.

Wood is a natural, renewable, and durable raw material with unique material properties. Renewable, responsibly produced wood is the only sustainable building material. The use of wood as a raw material is increasing in the building industry as companies are encouraged to adopt more sustainable...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-17 13:30 |

Renewable energy company Drax Group is donating £280,000 to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to support relief efforts for the Ukrainian people following Russia’s invasion.

The sum includes £30,000 of employee match funding from Drax’s employees based in the UK, US and Canada, maximising its collective impact to help those fleeing the conflict.

Drax CEO Will...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-15 13:18 |

BSW, the UK’s largest integrated forestry and sawmilling group, has unveiled its new brand, with an expanded vision of ‘seeing timber in new light’. The brand launch sees the group uniting its capabilities under a new, overarching, BSW Group brand, forging an integrated supply chain to create value and sustain long-term growth.

Tony Hackney, CEO, BSW Group, said: “As the sector’s biggest...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-15 12:40 |

Sourcing Position Statement – BSW Group

Like everyone around the UK, BSW Group is continually watching the ongoing developments in Ukraine, with a concern for their people and hope for peace as soon as possible.

BSW Group member businesses, BSW Timber...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-08 14:17 |

The world’s first fully wood-based furniture board is a circular economy product born from the cooperation of Koskisen Oy & Stora Enso

Koskisen is the first company to start using the bio-based binder NeoLigno® by Stora Enso – in its new sustainable...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-08 13:47 |

Finnish wood products and processing company Koskisen has chosen Leonova Diamond and Condmaster Ruby as its new condition monitoring tools at the chipboard mill in Järvelä, near Lahti in southern Finland. System implementation took place in December 2021.

In competition with another supplier to replace existing instrumentation and software, SPM Instrument Finland was awarded the contract because of the many advantages in the SPM product portfolio, including HD technologies and the...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-08 13:18 |

Held exclusively by C3 Limited, and developed in collaboration with industry partner, Page Macrae Engineering and customers, the revolutionary log loading technology is set to deliver unparalleled levels of safety and provide greater flexibility with no requirement for specialised infrastructure.

The new grapple loading system – which is wholly designed and built in New Zealand – is a shift away from the...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-08 12:26 |

Bois Daaquam, located in Saint Just De Bretenieres, Que., is investing in a new USNR end-dog carriage line. The new system replaces a dated Forano carriage that has provided good service over many years, and now makes way for new technology that will improve both recovery and throughput.

This new line is scheduled to be installed in 2023.

The end-dog carriage is an extremely...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-08 10:37 |

Due to the situation in Ukraine, the disruption in the supply chain surrounding Komatsu has become extremely difficult and the impact on the financial and economic situation remains uncertain.

In line with its crisis management policy, Komatsu has set up an emergency task force headed by its President and CEO Hiroyuki Ogawa, in which information is being gathered and analyzed, and future measures...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-04 11:51 |

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is likely to impact global trade in the coming months. Increased sanctions against trading with Russia and difficulty with financial transactions will probably interrupt and re-direct shipments of forest products throughout the world. As a result, trade with Russia will likely decline, impacting long-established international trade flows of forest products.

Countries like China and India, who have reluctantly supported Russia in the conflict, may also be...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-04 11:24 |

Metsä Group press release 3 March 2022

Metsä Group’s only plant in Russia, the Svir sawmill, has been suspended. Wood procurement in Russia for Svir sawmill and Metsä Group’s Finnish and Swedish factories has also been driven down.


--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-03-03 13:20 |


--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-02-22 13:26 |

Executives timber processing facilities, logging companies, and pulp-and-paper plants will showcase new projects on construction and modernisation within the forum “Forest industry Russia 2022”.

Request the brochure

The International Forum and Exhibition “Forest industry Russia” is a unique professional platform...

--- NYT Logging Industry ---

2022-02-22 04:41 | The world is suddenly focused on a huge natural carbon store in the Congo Basin. Its guardians are asking what they're owed for keeping it intact.

--- NYT Logging Industry ---

2022-02-22 04:13 | Peatlands make up a tiny percentage of the Earth’s surface, but store more carbon than forests.

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-02-11 11:41 |

Kopparfors Skogar has recruited Per Österberg as the new CEO after Lars-Erik Wigert, who will retire in the spring. Per most recently came from a position as a business developer within SCA Skog AB, where he has had many different roles over the years. He is a forester and has previously held positions such as district manager and forest manager. Per will take over as CEO of Kopparfors Skogar in the late spring of 2022.

In connection with Kopparfors Skogar’s formation in 2018,...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-02-11 11:08 |

On 2–4 June 2022 the world’s leading forestry fair, Elmia Wood, will again be held south of Jönköping. Exhibitors and visitors are coming from many parts of Europe to experience the event, which will focus on tomorrow’s innovative and sustainable forestry. This year’s fair will have a European theme with a focus on innovative and sustainable forestry practices for the future.

Avisita has many years of experience as a booking partner. The company offers customised booking services for...

--- International Forest Industries ---

2022-02-11 10:46 |



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