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5 June 2013

Mongolia’s Forest Sector is Good Value for Money

Most people associate Mongolia with vast open plains and rolling hills of steppe grassland, but it also contains significant forest cover. The UN-REDD Programme recently completed a study to calculate the economic value of the forest sector and assess key financing constraints.

Issue date: 
20 January 2012

Update on REDD+ in Mongolia

When most people think of REDD+, they think of tropical forests.  However REDD+ is a mechanism in which all forested developing countries can participate.  Mongolia, a country with significant boreal forest cover, is now engaging in a number of activities to develop a National REDD+ Roadmap.

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Inner Mongolia reforestation makes progress

Joint efforts by South Korea and China to stop desertification in the Inner Mongolian desert have made headway, creating a large artificial forest, a local government said Monday.

The Forestry Department at China’s autonomous region of Inner Mongolia said an 8.7-square-kilometer forest in the Ulan Buh Desert was completed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency, a central development aid agency under the authority of the South Korean foreign ministry, and the Bayan Nur municipal government.

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by Dr. Radut