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UNDP supports Mongolia to become eligible for REDD+ funds

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15 October, 2010
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As governments of the world continue to negotiate global climate change agreements, there is increased attention for the role forests can play in reducing emissions. It is acknowledged that the loss and degradation of forests are responsible for almost 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

A mechanism is being established to support countries to reduce emissions and conserve and expand forest at the same time. This mechanism is known as REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). Governments of developed countries have made pledges of over 3 billion US$ to support this initiative. A number of steps are required to become eligible for REDD funds. To support countries in this process, UNDP, UNEP and FAO set up the UN-REDD Programme (http://www.un-redd.org/).

As part of this programme, Mongolia is one of 8 countries included in a regional UNDP project to support in the preparation of a national REDD+ Strategy and participate in a regional platform. Having such a strategy is one of the requirements for Mongolia to access the REDD+ funds. REDD+ is an important opportunity for Mongolia to preserve and expand its forests, and generate revenue by doing so.


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