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Brazilian Forest Service launches sustainable forestry fund

A new initiative has been launched by Brazilian government agencies that will see the distribution of more that 2.2 million reals worth of funding to sustainable forestry projects before the end of the year.

The National Fund for Forestry Development (FNDF), which is being managed by the Brazilian Forest Service (SFB), is encouraging applications for funding from projects that aim to use the nation's forests in both enterprising and environmentally friendly ways.

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Chile joins Brazil in raising S.America's investment potential

Investing experts are predicting that Brazil will be joined by Chile in leading the way for new, profitable investment opportunities in South America.

The abundant natural resources in Brazil – including timber and minerals – as well as the planned work to give it a global quality infrastructure, a strong currency and excellent showing during the global recession, have made it an attractive prospect for wealth creation opportunities.

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Brazilian debt exchanged for forestry protection

The US and Brazil have signed an agreement whereby US$21 million (£13.5 million) of Brazilian debt will be put into a fund for the protection of the country’s rainforest and tropical ecosystems.

The US has agreed that instead of paying back its debt, the money will be utilised to protect the Caatinga and Cerrado ecosystems and conserve the rainforest on the Atlantic coast. These three areas in Brazil are currently under threat of serious deforestation but do not receive as much attention or publicity as the Amazon region.

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Growth in timber exports from Brazil

Recent data on the Brazilian timber industry reveals that exports of timber products from the country (excluding pulp and paper) were at US$206 million in June, up a healthy 19 per cent on the previous year.

During the same period, exports of tropical sawnwood fell in both volume and value terms, however, to 38,500 cu.m and US$17.9 million, a decrease of 4.7 per cent in volume and 3.8 per cent in value terms on 2009.

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29 July 2010

First Amazon bridge to open world's greatest rainforest to development

A new bridge has come to symbolise Brazil's most challenging and urgent issue: balancing the demands of economic development with environmental protection

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July 26, 2010

US forest strategy boomerangs in Brazil

A recent ad campaign aimed at gaining Midwestern senators support for US climate change legislation has backfired in Brazil.

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Brazilian timber output halves in 10 years

Ten-year figures for the Brazilian timber industry show that production in the Amazon has fallen by 50 per cent.

The figures were published in a study carried out by the Brazilian Forest Service (SFB) and the Institute of Man and Environment (Imazon), entitled 'Logging Activities in the Brazilian Amazon.'

They show that in 1998, roundwood production in the region was 28.3 million cubic metres while the figures for 2009 show total production to be only 14.2 million cubic metres.

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10 Jul 2010

Amazongate: At last we reach the source

Fire in the Amazon, it turns out, was not a 'report' or a scientific paper but, as the WWF now acknowledges, a text published by IPAM? on its website in 1999
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Jul 01, 2010

Eucalyptus prices in Brazil up 25% the past year

Jul 01, 2010 – Seattle, USA. June, 2010. Eucalyptus pulplog prices in Brazil have been very stable in the local currency and they have hardly changed at all since 2006, as reported in the Wood Resource Quarterly. In US dollar terms, on the other hand, wood fiber costs have increased substantially because of the strengthening of the Brazilian Real.

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June 24, 2010

Cutting down the Amazon does not mean lower food prices


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