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Issue date: 
7th March 2011

Guyana sees a 300% increase in deforestation despite landmark deal to protect its forests

Guyana has seen deforestation rates soar over the last year, despite the signing of an agreement with the Norwegian government aimed precisely at supporting a reduction in deforestation rates, said Global Witness today.   

Issue date: 
February 27, 2011

No projects submitted yet for Norway funds

…three months after Jagdeo’s outburst about World Bank delay

Issue date: 
February 10th, 2011

FAO highlights exemplary forest management in the Dominican Republic and Guyana

In 2007 the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations began a search for instances of good forest management in Latin America and the Caribbean. The results of that search were published last year, with the hope that the cases highlighted would provide inspiration and guidance for policy-makers and resource managers across the region. The resulting report is called Standing Tall: Exemplary Cases of Sustainable Forest Management in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Issue date: 
10 February 2011

Ms. Bulkan has emerged again from her cocoon

I wish to refer to a letter in the Stabroek News under the caption “Almost nine per cent of Guyana’s budget this year hangs on the  POYRY -  Guyana Forestry Commission Report” in its issue of Thursday February 3, 2011.

Issue date: 
February 3, 2011

Almost nine per cent of Guyana’s budget this year hangs on the Poyry-Guyana Forestry Commission

Almost nine per cent of the government’s planned expenditure in the 2011 national budget depends upon receipt of US$70M from Norway, under the MoU signed on November 9, 2009.  That is surely a risky strategy because there appears to be no fall-back position if the Norwegian money does not come, or not in that quantity.  So achievement of the progress indicators (‘enablers’ in Norwegian terms) is a major test.

Issue date: 
29 January 2011

Guyana position outlined at international forest legality workshop

AGRICULTURE Minister Robert Persaud said, Wednesday, that the Government has led efforts to strengthen forest legality to ensure access to traditional and new markets and is pursuing avenues to build on what was previously achieved. He was speaking to stakeholders at a European Union (EU) Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Awareness Workshop at Grand Coastal Inn, East Coast Demerara.

Issue date: 
January 22, 2011

Guyana considers implications of new EU’s laws on illegal timber

Europe has passed new legislation to counter the flow of illegal timber into its markets. With Guyana last year exporting timber to the tune of US$5M ($1B) to the European Union, the market is one that the country could ill-afford to lose.
Next Wednesday, the Forest Products Association of Guyana (FPA) will be holding a workshop with the assistance from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, to increase awareness of the EU’s Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) new measures which have implications for exporting countries.

Issue date: 
15 January 2011

Saw milling: Simon and Shock’s US$18.7M forest project requires environmental study

..says EPA
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says a sawmilling project by Simon and Shock International – a timber company – requires an Environmental Impact Assessment before a permit can be granted for the operations to go ahead.
The operation is to take place in the Upper Essequibo-Corentyne-North Rupununi District.

Issue date: 
Friday, 14 January 2011

Guyana among first to receive green light for its Readiness Preparation Plan- IDB approved as ‘delivery partner’

THE Agriculture Ministry, in a release, has stated that the World Bank has approved Guyana's request for the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) to perform the services as delivery partner for its participation in th

Issue date: 
January 11, 2011

Brief: In the aftermath of a REDD+ bilateral agreement

The bilateral REDD+ agreement between Norway and Guyana in 2009 has received international attention. This Focali brief gives and update on the Gyuana case from the previous brief (Henders 2010).


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