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Guyana among first to receive green light for its Readiness Preparation Plan- IDB approved as ‘delivery partner’

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Friday, 14 January 2011
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Guyana Chronicle
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THE Agriculture Ministry, in a release, has stated that the World Bank has approved Guyana's request for the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) to perform the services as delivery partner for its participation in the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), which focal point is the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC).

This request for piloting the Multiple Delivery Partners' Initiative for the coordination of the FCPF framework, and guidelines for the Formulation and the Readiness Grants, was in keeping with Resolution PC 7/2010/4 of the seventh Participants Committee meeting of the FCPF held in Washington D.C. 
The release stated that in Guyana’s proposal to have the IDB as delivery partner; it was highlighted that the in-country resources of the IDB office will support the range of technical and administrative requirements for the FCPF implementation.
It also pointed out that with the IDB as the Delivery Partner for the Guyana
REDD+ Investment Fund (GRIF), there will be opportunities for synergies in technical and administrative oversight, as well as implementation.
As part of this process, several preparatory steps led by the Management Team of the FCPF are currently being executed, including discussions on approaches to activity implementation on matters relating to safeguards, logistical details and other relevant issues.

Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud, under whose responsibility the GFC falls, met with Senior Natural Resources Specialist, IDB Washington, Eirivelthon Lima, to advance discussion on the FCPF.
Along with IDB Guyana Office, representatives of IDB Washington are currently in Guyana to discuss Guyana's Readiness Preparation Proposal and other related projects.
“Guyana has already done extensive work in preparing its Readiness Preparation Proposal for the FCPF, and will continue this work with the IDB with the aim of smooth implementation,” the release stated.
Minister Persaud, in his meeting with the IDB Mission, made a call for timely and effective implementation of the FCPF.
The FCPF is a window under the World Bank to enable countries to be prepared to access financing under this and other forest carbon financing mechanisms. It came about as a result of the international debate and dialogue on climate change.
The first step under the process was the preparation and submission of a Readiness Plan Idea Note (RPIN). Guyana's RPIN was approved in June 2008, and this led to the next phase which is the Readiness Preparation Plan (RPP).
Notably, Guyana was one of the first countries to submit and obtain approval for its RPP.
Several revisions were done to the RPP to incorporate stakeholder's comments. The RPP was subsequently changed to Readiness Preparation Proposal which underwent further multiple revisions.
Preparation activities under this process are geared towards sustainable forest management, conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. (GINA)


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