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Woodworking industry

Issue date: 
Apr 25, 2010

Forestry's upturn may sow seeds of new setback

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - A recent run-up by Canadian forestry stocks has investors in the downtrodden sector basking in a warm glow, but that could fade as quickly as it appeared if the industry returns to its self-destructive tendencies.

Issue date: 
April 20 2010

Magnus Hall new Chairman of Skogsindustrierna

April 20 2010  Magnus Hall, CEO of Holmen, has been elected new Chairman of Skogsindustrierna, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

Issue date: 
April 12, 2010

Chile’s wood products industry reconstructs: what does this mean for North American markets?


Issue date: 
Mar 29, 2010

Domtar to sell its forest products business to EACOM


Domtar Corporation has announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell its forest products business to EACOM Timber Corporation for CDN$80 million plus elements of working capital estimated at CDN$30 to CDN$40 million.

Issue date: 
24 March 2010

New issue of MOST Digest - Russian Timber Industry

Business Support Bureau Runa monitors the Russian timber industry and the market for hot topics, news, expert opinion and relevant information and provides you with the most relevant and interesting information in the form of a free digest - to help you make the right business decision.

Issue date: 
March 22, 2010

China lumber sales set new record

VANCOUVER — China's appetite for British Columbia lumber grew at a record pace in 2009 in volume and value, providing sawmillers here with a needed new market to counter stumbling American demand.

Issue date: 
25 March 2010

Three priority investment projects in Ivanovo

Three priority investment projects are being realized in the Ivanovo region – total investment volume amounting to over EUR 25 mln. They are: 

Issue date: 
March 18th, 2010

B.C.'s forests minister questions report predicting decline of forest industry

VANCOUVER, B.C. - British Columbia's forests minister says the outlook for the lumber sector in the province's Interior, ravaged by the mountain pine beetle, isn't as pessimistic as an industry report issued this week.

Issue date: 
March 16, 2010

Chile earthquake boosts pulp prices

The Feb. 27 Chilean earthquake did enough damage to that country's forest products industry to spark global shortages that are pushing prices higher in Canada.

Issue date: 
March 13, 2010

Native village's forest company goes global

An isolated First Nations region on the northern British Columbia coast is emerging as a new economic powerhouse, leading the rebirth of the forest industry in that part of the province.


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