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Woodworking industry

Issue date: 
05 February 2010

Finland to invest about 20 mln EUR in projects realized in the neighboring Russian areas

Finland is to invest about 20 mln EUR in projects realized in the neighboring Russian areas, in particular, St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk regions, and Karelia.

Issue date: 
Feb 5, 2010

US: South’s forest industry struggles through 09


Every sector in forest products in the South swooned in 2009, with sawmill production falling an industry-worst 21 percent on top of a 23 percent decline in 2008.

Pulp and paper mills were less hard-hit, an industry group reported.

Issue date: 
February 1st, 2010

NZ’s sawmilling consolidation nears completion

The New Zealand sawmilling industry has endured a major ongoing consolidation over the last decade. Most global sawmilling sectors have suffered closures and consolidation, but probably not on the acute scale experienced in New Zealand. A new DANA Review of the N.Z.

Issue date: 
Monday, 11 January 2010

Forestry report urges province to manage carbon storage

Maximizing the carbon stored in B.C.'s forests could provide benefits both economically and environmentally over the long-term, says a new report, Managing B.C.'s Forests for a Cooler Planet.

Issue date: 
Thursday, 21 January 2010

New sawmill facility in Tyumen

CJSC Zagros launched sawmill in Zavodoukovsk (Tyumen region).

Issue date: 
January 5, 2010

Pine beetle gets blame for Canfor Corp. sawmill closure

The pine beetle is being singled out as the main reason a Quesnel sawmill is shutting down, laying off 180 workers.

Issue date: 
January 4, 2010

Gradual rebound forecast for forestry

As 2009 came to a close, Canfor Corp. announced it would invest $16 million to upgrade its Chetwynd sawmill for a planned re-opening this spring.
After a 20-month shutdown, the restart will put about 70 people back to work.

Issue date: 
January 5, 2010

Congo Republic timber giant slashes workforce

BRAZZAVILLE (Reuters) - Congo Republic's biggest logging firm has almost halved its workforce because the global recession has cut demand for wood products, the firm said on Tuesday.

Issue date: 
January 4, 2010

Global softwood lumber markets were mixed in 2009 - up in China and Africa, while slow in the US

(SkyNewswire.com)--- Seattle, USA. Softwood lumber markets continued to be weak in Japan and the US during the 3Q/09, but have improved in Europe and, surprisingly, northern Africa, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly.

Issue date: 
January 04, 2010

New Zealand 2010: Timber shortage expected to bump up prices by 10%

The cost of building timber will rise by up to 10 per cent from next month due to a severe supply shortage and booming international demand for New Zealand pine.


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