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Magnus Hall new Chairman of Skogsindustrierna

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April 20 2010
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April 20 2010  Magnus Hall, CEO of Holmen, has been elected new Chairman of Skogsindustrierna, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

Magnus Hall was elected new Chairman of Skogsindustrierna in conjunction with the Federation’s annual meeting in Stockholm, Tuesday. He takes over the chairmanship from Leif Brodén, CEO of Södra.

As new Chairman, Magnus Hall also takes the responsibility for the negotiations between Skogsindustrierna and Pappers, Swedish Paper Workers Union, in the conflict which currently has stopped production at six pulp and paper mills in Sweden.

“My first important task is to support the negotiations. I do hope that we soon can find a solution,” Magnus Hall said.

“We have to make sure that we keep the competitiveness of the Swedish forest industry, to make future investments possible as well as long term salary increases for our employees,” Hall continued.


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