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Timber Investment Management Organization

Issue date: 
January 2nd, 2013

Canadian pension fund buys into Kaingaroa

Harvard Management Company, which manages Harvard University’s US$30.7 billion endowment fund, has sold down its stake in the central North Island Kaingaroa forest in New Zealand.

Issue date: 
Dec 20, 2012

UPM and Taaleritehdas Have Agreed to Trade 6,000 Acres of Forestry

UPM and Taaleritehdas have agreed today 20.12.2012 around 6000 hectares of forestry trade. The farms are located in Central Finland in the following towns: Pyhäntä, Utajärvi, Kiuruvesi and Converter.

Issue date: 
19 September 2012

What does the future hold for ethical investment?

Ethical investment has hit the headlines recently as figures have suggested that there has been a slight drop in interest.

Issue date: 
24th September 2012

Investment guide to 'triple win' from locally controlled forestry

A detailed discussion between investors and forest rights-holders, have resulted in new guidance for investments that can create a 'triple win' of returns for investors, livelihood security for local communities and protection for forests.

Issue date: 
August 24th, 2012

South Australia - SA forests sold to The Campbell Group

The South Australian state government has agreed to sell the South East timber harvesting rights to a consortium led by The Campbell Group (TCG) for an undisclosed amount. Backed by Australia’s Future Fund, the U.S.

Issue date: 
August 7, 2012

New investors for Green Triangle’s 46,000-ha estate

New Forests announced that it has introduced new investors to make an investment in the Green Triangle Forest Trust. GTFT was established in March 2012 via the acquisition of the plantation assets of Auspine Ltd by New Forests Australia, New Zealand Forest Fund and a co-investor.

Issue date: 
July 20th, 2012

1.8 billion acres of timberland sold to TIMO

The world’s largest timber investment management organisation (TIMO), Hancock Timber Resources Group, and Molpus Woodland Group, have bought a 1.88 million acre plantation from Oregon’s Forest Capital Partners.

Issue date: 
June 25, 2012

Timberland in Institutional Investment Portfolios: Can Significant Investment Reach Emerging Markets?

A survey was carried out to improve the understanding of current investment patterns in forestry by investors and of the framework in which such investments are made.

Issue date: 

FRA welcomes Prediction of Timber demand increase

A recent report in the Financial Times has provided a boost for the forestry investment industry, as it outlines how timber demand could increase by 55 per cent by 2050, according to FRA.


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