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Handel (-Zertifikaten)

Issue date: 
September 30, 2011

State of Forest Carbon Markets 2011

This second annual State of the Forest Carbon Markets tracks, reports, and analyzes trends in global transac

Issue date: 
September 29, 2011

Japan earmarks P5-B forestland loan

The Japanese government has earmarked the appropriation of an estimated Y9.244 billion, or approximately P5.084 billion, to strengthen forestland management in the Philippines.

Issue date: 
30 September 2011

Forest carbon markets grow, despite uncertainty

A surge in activity around projects that reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) has helped boost the value of the forest carbon markets – despite lingering uncertainty about their future, according to a survey.

Issue date: 
September 30, 2011

The Emerging Market for Forest and Land-Use Carbon

This report was prepared by Terra Global Investment Management, LLC the investment manager of the Terra Bella Forest and Land-Use Carbon Fund, a Luxembourg SIF-SICAV currently in structuring and capital raising.

Issue date: 
04 Oct 2011

Congo businessman blazes carbon-market trail for Africa

IBI, Democratic Republic of Congo (AlertNet) - A Congolese businessman has become the first private investor in Africa to win approval to sell carbon credits earned from restoring tropical rainforest on the Kyoto Protocol’s carbon market.

Issue date: 
13 September 2011

World Bank won't give up on carbon markets

Issue date: 
September 13, 2011

Rimba Raya debacle casts pall over Indonesian REDD

The world has eagerly watched as Indonesia pilots public and private investments to curb the country’s massive forest losses while still meeting economic development goals.  But conflicting interests between the nation’s leadership turned ugly last month when a leading forest conservation project

Issue date: 
September 6, 2011

The REDD Market Should Not End Up a Subprime House of Cards: Introducing a New REDD Architecture for Environmental Integrity

Issue date: 
Sep 07, 2011

Colgate enters into agreement to offset carbon emissions

As part of its aggressive push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance sustainability, Colgate has signed a 15-year commitment with Patagonia Sur to purchase forestry-based carbon offsets. Under the agreement, a total of 225,000 native-species trees will be planted on 430 acres of land in Chile’s Aysén Region of Patagonia.

Issue date: 
September 07, 2011

First VCS forest project in Sabah, Borneo registered

First tropical Improved Forest Management project, enabling revenue generation from forest rehabilitation.



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