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First tropical Improved Forest Management project, enabling revenue generation from forest rehabilitation.


Face the Future, a Dutch forest carbon project developer in cooperation with the Sabah Foundation, has registered the world’s first tropical Improved Forest Management project under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).  The project, known as “Infapro”, is situated on 25.000 hectares of threatened Orangutan habitat in Sabah, Borneo.


The pioneering Infapro project was designed as a rainforest rehabilitation project that operates through the avoidance of re-logging and the rehabilitation of degraded forest via enrichment planting, cutting of climbers and vines and liberation thinning. The project has proven successful, as it has resulted in the recovery of forest, in scientifically supported biodiversity enhancements and achieved long-term carbon sequestration.


VCS registration is an important milestone that shows there is a viable business case for forest rehabilitation. While it took almost three years to reach this milestone, including the development of a new carbon accounting methodology, now that carbon credits have been issued the investment has proven worthwhile.


The Infapro project is connected to the Danum Valley Conservation Area, a unique primary forest serving as a habitat for species such as the Orangutan, the Borneo elephant and the Sumatran rhino. “By rehabilitating this magnificent forest we enlarge the habitat for these species. The VCS registration and issuance of carbon credits enables us to continue with our rehabilitation activities.” said Denis Slieker, Managing Director of Face the Future.


The project validation and verification was performed by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). “We were pleased to be able to scientifically confirm the forest carbon benefits of such a unique project,” said Dr. Robert Hrubes, Senior Vice President of SCS. “The Infapro project is a great example of an innovative approach to addressing climate change and habitat protection”.


“As the project has been operational for several years, the VSC registration is a reward for all partners and individuals involved. Many years of research, development and hard work have resulted in 11.000 hectares already being rehabilitated and 14.000 hectares more to come. For this we are very thankful to the management and local staff of the Sabah Foundation.” concludes Denis Slieker.


About Face the Future

Face the Future is a forest carbon project developer with projects worldwide. The organisation was founded in 1990, since then over 50.000 hectares of new forests have been established  and over 100.000 hectares of existing forests are managed under a rehabilitation or REDD+ scheme. Face the Future combines extensive knowledge of carbon certification, forestry and carbon markets with tangible projects, which are developed in close cooperation with local organisations. With offices in the Netherlands and Ecuador, Face the Future has marketed over 2 million carbon credits to date. www.face-thefuture.com.


About the Verified Carbon Standard

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is the most widely used standard for accounting for carbon reductions and removals by projects in the voluntary market.  Projects developed to VCS criteria have demonstrated practical ways to curb emissions across a range of sectors, generating over 60 million tons of carbon credits to date. The VCS Program is widely recognized for its role in pioneering new tools for developing carbon credits with environmental integrity and lasting value. www.v-c-s.org.


About Scientific Certification Systems

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has been providing global leadership in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing and standards development for more than 25 years. SCS programs span a wide cross-section of industries, recognizing achievements in green building, product manufacturing, food and agriculture, forestry and retailing. www.scscertified.com


Contact information


Face the Future

For more information contact Denis Slieker or Martijn Snoep

Denis Slieker                                                       Martijn Snoep

+ 31 10 7540 2050                                             + 31 10 7540 2050

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Verified Carbon Standard

For more information contact VCS Communications Director Andrea Welsh at Awelsh@v-c-s.org



For more information contact Dr. Robert J. Hrubes, Senior Vice President
+1 510 4528000




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