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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Carbon trading simply explained

How does carbon trading work? Does it really help tackle climate change? Isn’t it all just smoke and mirrors? Is the Kyoto Protocol doing any good?

These and similar questions are increasingly being asked as the evidence for global warming mounts, scientists tell us more of dramatic climatic impacts we can expect, and pressure for measures to rein in greenhouse gas emissions heightens. At the same time, there are warnings from industry over the costs in jobs, profits and consumer prices that will stem from mandatory carbon trading regulation.

Issue date: 
March 2010

New report from Focus on the Global South: Carbon Offsets & Climate Finance in India


Issue date: 
28 March 2010

Nestle Waters (Vittel): Carbon offsetting programmes in Peru

Nestle Waters France wants to offset emissions from its factories in the west by buying trees in a rainforest thousands of miles away..

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Nepal's forests: Selling carbon credits

Nepal, like any other developing country, now could sell carbon credits in the global market by way of reducing its contemporary deforestation and degradation rates and by way of forest conservation and enhancement. It sounds too good to be true? No, surely not.

Issue date: 
Monday, March 29

RPT-UN panel suspends 2 more carbon emissions auditors

LONDON, March 26 - The reputation of a Kyoto Protocol carbon finance scheme was dealt another blow after a UN climate panel late on Friday suspended the third emissions cut verifier in 15 months, and partially suspended a fourth.

Issue date: 
March 18, 2010

Carbon forestry: Foresters should not succumb to the temptations of easy money for carbon sequestration

The threat of climate change is now overwhelming the dialogue on forest policy. Forests, like other ecosystems, will be affected by temperature increase. But the dimension that is receiving much more attention is their role as a store for carbon.

Issue date: 
March 12, 2010

The Stakes of Carbon Trading Are Losing Their Sizzle

NEW YORK -- Global carbon dioxide emissions offsetting markets are fast losing their luster in the minds of investors, both in the United States and abroad.

Issue date: 
Thursday 11 March

Noel Kempff project is 'saving the forest' by forcing destruction elsewhere

Forest conservation project in Bolivia proves that unless a nation as a whole cuts deforestation, individual carbon offset schemes are worthless.

Issue date: 
Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Zealand leads on forest carbon

While cap-and-trade legislation stalls in the US and Australia, Copenhagen’s limited progress holds back REDD, and the inflexibilities of the Kyoto Protocol’s CDM keeps a lid on reforestation act

Issue date: 
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calculating the value of carbon in trees

Delegates at the global climate summit failed to figure out a way to stop the destruction of the world's forests. But some lawmakers think they have a solution, and it relies on financing from some of America's biggest polluters.


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