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20.05.12 Transnational Land Deals for Agriculture in the Global South: Analytical Report based on the Land Matrix Database
20.05.12 Beauty and the Beast: Norway’s investments in rainforest protection and rainforest destruction
20.05.12 Forest Peoples: Numbers Across the World
08.05.12 A step-wise framework for setting REDD+ forest reference emission levels and forest reference levels
30.04.12 Sustainable Forest Management - Case Studies
31.03.12 World Bank Reports Experience with A/R Biocarbon Fund Projects
31.03.12 Forest Management and Climate Change: A literature review
30.03.12 ITTO, FAO Workshop Addresses Global Forest Reporting
29.03.12 Building REDD+ Policy Capacity for Developing Country Negotiators and Land Managers: Lessons learned (Task Force Meeting Report)
11.03.12 Forest and Climate Conservation for the private Sector
19.02.12 Insights from the Field: Forests for Climate and Timber
06.02.12 Pro-poor benefit distribution in REDD+
28.01.12 CP17/CMP7 Durban Debrief
23.01.12 New brochure focuses on EU Timber Regulation (EUTR)
19.01.12 Engaging the Private Sector in the Potential Generation of REDD+ Carbon Credits : An Analysis of Issues
28.12.11 Climate Change in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas: The State of Current Knowledge
28.12.11 From REDD to Green: A Global Incentive System to Stop Tropical Forest Clearing
13.12.11 Community forest monitoring and REDD+
13.12.11 Code of Conduct for working with Indigenous and Local Communities
09.12.11 REDD+ finance delivery: lessons from early experience
09.12.11 Blending Climate Finance through National Climate Funds
28.11.11 SCA study shows: Children want to spend more time in the forests
18.11.11 REDD+: Ready to engage private investors?
18.10.11 State of Forest Carbon Markets 2011
27.09.11 Forest Carbon in Ghana
27.09.11 Ecosystem services certification
27.09.11 Avoiding deforestation in the context of biofuel feedstock expansion
23.09.11 Corruption in the forestry sector and illegal logging
18.09.11 REDDy – Set – Grow: Financial leaders call for investors-friendly forest-carbon market at UNEP FI report launch
17.09.11 Natural Resource Governance Trainer's Manual
17.09.11 Breaking Walls, Building Bridges: Conflict Management in the Tropical Timber Industry
04.09.11 Just forest governance - for REDD, for sanity
04.09.11 REDD+ and Energy: a cross-sectoral approach to REDD+ and implications for the poor
04.09.11 REDD+ and Agriculture: a cross-sectoral approach to REDD+ and implications for the poor
04.09.11 Making REDD+ cross-sectoral: why, how and what are the potential socio-economic impacts?
29.08.11 Deforestation much higher in protected areas than forests run by local communities
28.08.11 Sustaining forests: investing in our common future
16.08.11 Buyer, Regulator, and Enabler - The Government's Role in Ecosystem Services Markets
16.08.11 The 'State of Play’ Assessment of Land Use in the International Policy Response to Climate Change
04.08.11 REDD+, Governance, and Community Forestry
28.07.11 Finding a path to REDD investment
18.07.11 The State of the Paper Industry 2011
17.07.11 Reforming forest tenure
17.07.11 Carbon forestry projects in the Philippines: potential and challenges: the case of the Arakan Forest Corridor forest carbon project
17.07.11 Stacking Ecosystem Services Payments: Risks and Solutions
15.07.11 Biofuels in Malaysia
15.07.11 Chopping for chips
14.07.11 Building Forest Carbon Projects: Step-by-Step Overview and Guide
14.07.11 Draft Framework for Sharing Approaches for Better Multi-stakeholder Participation Practices
14.07.11 REDD+ Benefit Sharing: A Comparative Assessment of Three National Policy Approaches


by Dr. Radut