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13.08.10 Avoiding Planned Deforestation
06.08.10 REDD Readiness Requires Radical Reform
05.08.10 Forest carbon needs climate deal: Study
04.08.10 Forest Resource Assessment in Nepal: An Assessment of Data Needs
02.08.10 Ulu Masen REDD Demonstration Project
02.08.10 Tracking Transformative Forest Actions to Reduce Emissions: An Illegal Logging Case Study
26.07.10 New Casebook of On-the-Ground REDD Project Experience
07.07.10 Nested REDD+ vital in forest solution: Report
24.06.10 Impact of the global forest industry on atmospheric greenhouse gases
22.06.10 June 2010: A survey of the UN-REDD programme
19.06.10 Carbon-Free UK in 2030?
18.06.10 Fighting sand encroachment
16.06.10 Roads, Development and Deforestation: a review
16.06.10 U.S. the second biggest buyer of forests based voluntary carbon credits in 2009
16.06.10 Industrial Farming Slows Climate Change?
15.06.10 Finland puts emphasis on renewable wooden energy in order to mitigate climate change
14.06.10 Good Practice Guidance on the Sustainable Mobilization of Wood in Europe
13.06.10 Biomass confusion in the U.S.
07.06.10 Forest Carbon Incentives in Climante Policy: Understanding the Economonics
06.06.10 Realising Rights, Protecting Forests: An Alternative Vision for Reducing Deforestation
02.06.10 Unasylva
28.05.10 Global Carbon Market Grows to $144 billion Despite Financial and Economic Turmoil
26.05.10 First forest carbon improvement plan approved
25.05.10 REDD+ in the Post-Copenhagen World: Recommendations for Interim Public Finance
21.05.10 The Austrian Forest Biodiversity Index: All in one
20.05.10 Tanzania: Norway to organize Oslo climate conference
20.05.10 The Hartwell Paper
20.05.10 Cambodia: Case Study on Community REDD+ Project in Oddar Meanchey Province
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Zambia
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Bolivia
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Democratic Republic Congo
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Indonesia
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Panama
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Papua New Guinea
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Paraguay
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Tanzania
17.05.10 UN-REDD: Viet Nam
17.05.10 New guide for forest carbon projects
06.05.10 Illegal logging in Indonesia costing U.S. jobs-report
06.05.10 Forest and Forest Land Allocation in Vietnam: Some Open Questions
06.05.10 Study on Forest Law Enforcement and REDD in Guyana
06.05.10 REDD, forest governance and rural livelihoods: the emerging agenda
03.05.10 REDD manuals: What is REDD and what to do with REDD?
30.04.10 Illegal logging in Northwest Russia
24.04.10 European Commission says ‘no’ to forest credits in the ETS until after 2020, cites ‘market flooding’ and governance problems
19.04.10 Wildland Fire Management
15.04.10 CSO Representative Reviews UN-REDD and World Bank's Forest Carbon Facility
15.04.10 New report from Focus on the Global South: Carbon Offsets & Climate Finance in India
12.04.10 REDD After Copenhagen: The way forward
12.04.10 CRS — Deforestation and Climate Change


by Dr. Radut