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29.05.13 Guidelines for Stratification for REDD+: Using a National Inventory
14.02.13 Improving forest governance: A comparison of FLEGT VPAs and their impact
14.02.13 World Bank Unmoved on Auditor’s Criticism of Forest Policy
11.02.13 Globalisation, logging concessions, conservation organisations and local people
26.01.13 Rights-based REDD+ dialogue
07.01.13 Is There an Ideal REDD+ Program? An Analysis of Policy Trade-Offs at the Local Level
07.01.13 Understanding carbon loss and potential interventions in Manica
07.01.13 Getting REDD-ready: two models of coordination and engagement from Africa
07.01.13 REDD+ related risks, opportunities and safeguards for biodiversity conservation – a survey of issues and options in Lao PDR and Ecuador
07.01.13 Legal Review of Recently Enacted Farmland Law and Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Lands Management Law
04.01.13 Adaptation, Forests and REDD+; REDD-Net Asia-Pacific Bulletin #6:
04.01.13 Logging concessions and local livelihoods in Cameroon
30.12.12 Community guidelines for accessing forestry voluntary carbon markets
02.12.12 Stepping out of the REDD+ Shadow – Forests and Adaptation
02.12.12 REDD-plus COOK BOOK - How to Measure and Monitor Forest Carbon
25.11.12 Capacity development in national forest monitoring
22.11.12 Designing Effective REDD+ Safeguard Information Systems: Building on existing systems and country experiences (Policy Paper)
22.11.12 Unlocking National Opportunities: New Insights on Financing Sustainable Forest and Land Management
22.11.12 Guyana REDD-Plus Investment Fund (GRIF)
22.11.12 Leveraging the Landscape
22.11.12 Keeping REDD+ clean: a step-by-step guide to preventing corruption
19.11.12 IIED - Landgrab in AFRICA - per Mail bei IIED beanstandet
22.10.12 Making Forestry Work for the Poor: Assessment of the Contribution of Forestry to Poverty Alleviation in Asia and the Pacific
22.10.12 Biodiversity Offsets: : Voluntary and Compliance Regimes
19.10.12 Forest Stands: How new EU trade laws help countries protect both forests and peoples
12.10.12 US forest climate assistance: An assessment
09.09.12 Consumer demand 'can influence sustainable forestry'
31.08.12 Indigenous Peoples and the Green Climate Fund
13.07.12 Identifying and Working with Beneficiaries When Rights Are Unclear: Insights for REDD+ Initiatives
13.07.12 Making benefit sharing arrangements work for forest dependent communities: Overview of Insights for REDD+ Initiatives
09.07.12 Comparative Study on REDD: Recommendations for Action
09.07.12 The Journey of Forest Governance
09.07.12 EBRD: Promoting sustainable forestry from Bratislava to Vladivostok
07.07.12 Seeing REDD+ through 4Is
07.07.12 REDD+ and the global economy
07.07.12 REDD+ safeguards in national policy discourse and pilot projects
07.07.12 Community-Powered Monitoring of REDD+
07.07.12 FCPR–Forest Conservation Performance Rating for the Pan-Tropics - Working Paper 294
07.07.12 FORMA and fCPR: Accelerating a Performance-Based Payment System for REDD+
30.06.12 Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities (FCMC) Program
30.06.12 Sustainable land use for the 21st century
23.06.12 June 2012: The Status of REDD
17.06.12 Unready for REDD+? Lessons from Corruption in Ugandan Conservation Areas
14.06.12 Moving Forward with Forest Governance
03.06.12 Myanmar-Overview of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade
03.06.12 Lessons Learned from Community Forestry & REDD+ in Brazil
03.06.12 Moving REDD+ forward: more structured discussion on the drivers of deforestation is needed
31.05.12 Forest Management and Climate Change: stakeholder perceptions
22.05.12 Forests and climate change after Durban
20.05.12 The global land rush: what the evidence reveals about scale and geography


by Dr. Radut