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REDD+ Capacity building

Enviro-Library | vor 12 Jahre 8 months

Aceh is a forest landscape where the interests of local people, extractive industries and globally important biodiversity are in conflict. Two prevailing factors have ensured large tracts of forest in Ulu Masen have remained relatively undisturbed: the three decade long separatist conflict that...

Desertification Blog | vor 12 Jahre 8 months

Read at : Forest Policy Info Mailing List <forests-l@lists.iisd.ca> New Casebook of On-the-Ground REDD Project Experience

World Resources Institute | vor 12 Jahre 8 months

In May 2010, Norway agreed to contribute up to $1 billion towards reducing deforestation and forest degradation and loss of peatland in Indonesia, which now account for more than 80 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. The “Letter of Intent” is a promising first step, yet the two...


by Dr. Radut