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Certification of Forest Carbon Methodologies

Issue date: 
Aug 24, 2010

Indonesia project boosts global forest CO2 market

(Reuters) - Likely to be first fully validated REDD project under VCS; Approval of methodology boost for REDD projects

SINGAPORE/JAKARTA, Aug 24 (Reuters) - An Indonesian project aimed at saving a vast tract of rainforest has past a milestone seen as a boost in the development of a global market in forest carbon credits.

Issue date: 
Aug 23, 2010

Gazprom Wins Approval From Voluntary Standards Group for Forestry Credits

Gazprom Marketing & Trading, a unit of the world’s largest natural-gas producer, said its method for generating carbon credits from forestry projects was approved by the Voluntary Carbon Standard.

The International Emissions Trading Association and the World Economic Forum helped develop the voluntary carbon standard in 2005 to verify which credits companies can use to comply with carbon-reduction programs. The European Union, which runs the world’s biggest emissions market, may accept a limited number of forestry credits through 2020.

Issue date: 
August 24, 2010

Gazprom, Shell and Clinton Foundation back rainforest carbon deal in Borneo

A forest conservation project backed by Shell, Gazprom Market and Trading and the Clinton Foundation on the island of Borneo has won approval under a carbon accounting standard, reports Reuters.

The Rimba Raya project, which covers nearly 100,000 ha (250,000 acres) of peat forest in Indonesia's Central Kalimantan province, could reduce projected emissions by 75 million metric tons over the next 30 years, generating hundreds of millions in carbon finance under the reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) program backed by the U.N. and World Bank.

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Terra Global Capital’s VCS Mosaic REDD Methodology Completes the First Validation

Developed by Terra Global Capital, LLC in partnership with Community Forestry International, the pioneering Mosaic REDD methodology submitted

Issue date: 
July 31, 2010

ARB Sees REDD in AB32 Future

With the fall of the US federal climate bill, eyes are shifting west to California's Air Resources Board (ARB) as it nears the November release of its cap-and-trade regulations under AB32.

Issue date: 
24 May 2010

First forest carbon improvement plan approved

US environmental consultancy EcoTrust has won approval for the first carbon offset project methodology in improved forest management (IFM) under the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). IFM is a relatively new field of carbon crediting activity taking on heightened importance following the widening of the international REDD initiative on deforestation to include forest restoration and sustainable forest management - so called REDD-plus.  

Issue date: 
May 11, 2010

Cambodia: Case Study on Community REDD+ Project in Oddar Meanchey Province


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