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Forest management planning

Forest management planning is a process that identifies the resources and opportunities available on land property regardless business structure and strategy. All types of forests like old-growth forests, ancient semi-natural woodland or fast growing plantations need to be operated by a forest management plan, which incorporates following sub processes:

  • Remote sensing, terrestrial inventory, land use planning
  • Carbon stock, biomass stocks
  • Geographical Information System
  • Short-, mid- and long term operational planning

Forest management planning is a means of identifying what can be done to enhance and protect the values and aspects wooden property. These aspects might include timber, wildlife, recreation, aesthetics, nature/biodiversity conservation, livestock ranching, inheritance values, and others. It has also to ensure the long-term health of forest ecosystems to provide sustainable economic, social and ecological benefits. We can offer any kind of technical assistance for your forest inventory challenges:

Preparation, organization and controlling of your forest inventories operations
  Conceptual desing of terrestrial sampling in or without combtination with remote sensing
  Dataset and reporting design
  Technical requirement assessments for mapping, GIS and Information Technology
Data processing
Analyses and interpretation of inventory data
Plan development, short, mid - and long term planning of your forest management operations
  Establishment (natural revegatation or planting)
  Maintenance (thinning plans, silvicultural treatment planning)
  Harvesting (reduces impact logging, low impact logging, clearcutting)
  Infrastructure development (roads, bridges, stock grounds)
  Timber marketing and supply chain management

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