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Nova Scotia’s forestry sector generates $1.8 Billion in economic impact

International Forest Industries - Fri, 01/03/2024 - 10:16

In 2022, Nova Scotia’s forestry sector generated $1.8 billion in economic impact, according to a new report authored by Gardner Pinfold.

The Forestry Economic Task Force – a collaboration of forestry sector stakeholders whose purpose is to design and implement a strategic economic roadmap for Nova Scotia,  commissioned the report with funding from the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust.

“Even after all the challenges our sector faced, it generates nearly $2 billion of economic impact every year,” said Forest Nova Scotia executive director Stephen Moore. “This shows that the forestry sector is still part of Nova Scotia’s engine.”

“We can generate this kind of economic impact while being the province’s greenest sector – we take more carbon out of the environment than we emit.”

Forestry employs over 6,400 Nova Scotians – 2,700 direct full-time positions and 3,700 spinoff jobs, including about 900 in wood supply and support services. These jobs generate $380 million in income:

  • The direct employees at the mills are well-paid, with an average income of $66,500.
  • The average income for those employed in indirect activities, including forestry and support services, is $58,200.
  • Nova Scotia’s average income is just over $43,000.

Additionally, the sector generates $171 million in tax revenue for the provincial and federal governments – $84 million provincially and $87 million federally.

“We employ thousands of people and pay them well above the provincial average,” said Moore. “The average pay cheque is $43,000 in Nova Scotia. We pay as much as 54 percent more than that.”

Northern Pulps’s closure in 2020 carried a substantial impact, resulting in multiple cases of job loss and financial hardship to those most closely tied to the mill’s operation.

“The closure of Northern Pulp was hard on many forestry families,” said Moore. “It also cost people their jobs, families their livelihoods, and the province revenue.”

Between 2018 and 2022, the sector’s GDP declined by 15 percent, exports by 18 percent, and employment by 14 percent.

“500 families lost their jobs and income because of the mill’s closure,” said Moore.

The Forestry Economic Task Force has created an economic roadmap that looks to sustain and unlock the significant growth potential of the forestry sector.

“We believe the forestry sector has immense potential for sustainable growth,” said the Forestry Economic Task Force executive director Harvey Gray. “Building upon the strength of our foundational manufacturing segments and supply chain, we are focused on finding and capitalizing on growth opportunities that will create green jobs and prosperity for generations.”

“An economic contribution that approaches $3 billion annually is within reach.”

The task force has identified several opportunities, including:

  • The replacement of petroleum-based products with wood-based products, including bio-fuels, bio-chemicals, and bio-coal, and
  • The expansion of residential, commercial, and industrial construction using mass timber


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Carbotech Group grows with the acquisition of Sawquip

International Forest Industries - Tue, 13/02/2024 - 10:21

Carbotech Group recently expanded its business with the acquisition of the Sawquip, a manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of sawmill equipment for the primary and secondary breakdown of logs into lumber. Carbotech Group plans to further broaden its expand with the fresh inclusion of the range of products that came with the integration of the Sawquip’s products and services into its own.

An enhnaced product range

Sawquip’s innovative products include log turners and optimized log infeeds, chipping canters, twin and quad circular saw modules, as well as positive cant turners to allow for controlled curve sawing, among others. This strategic step of acquisition by Carbotech Group allows addition of new field of expertise, providing customers with innovative new solutions for lumber production.

To standardize procedures and presentation, Sawquip equipment will now be part of the Carbotech brand.

“Uniting Sawquip’s knowledge and products with our own will strengthen our expertise and allow us to expand our log solutions,” says Luc Houde, Executive Vice President of the Carbotech Group.

High-quality expertise

Sawquip has 35 years of experience and is a North American pioneer in the manufacture of curve sawing equipment. Carbotech’s facilities in Plessisville, Quebec will now help to manufacture the equipment for Sawquip. To ensure the continuity of this proven expertise, Carbotech Group has also appointed Pierre Lafond, Carbotech’s Vice President, Operations, to lead the transition and integration. Mr. Lafond already has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment similar to that produced by Sawquip. After-sales service and support will also be provided by Carbotech’s dedicated team.

“We are delighted to have concluded this transaction, which will undoubtedly result in a winning synergy that will drive Carbotech Group’s continued growth. On our end, this sale will allow us to devote 100% of our resources to Cardinal’s development and activities,” mentions Pascal Labranche, President of former Sawquip owner Équipements Cardinal Inc.

Carbotech Group

Carbotech Group was born of Carbotech’s acquisition of Autolog. Along with their new plant in the southern United States, the two specialists in their fields boast over 70 years of experience in comprehensive sawmill solutions for the wood industry.

Left: Luc Houde Vice-président exécutif chez Carbotech Right: Pierre Lafond Vice President Operations at Carbotech International

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MiCROTEC presents its best at EUROBOIS – Booth 5E36

International Forest Industries - Fri, 09/02/2024 - 09:15

MiCROTEC is presenting its best at the ongoing EUROBOIS. The company is present at booth 5E36 from February 6-9. MiCROTEC is presenting its wide multi-sensor quality scanner for softwood (Goldeneye) and hardwood (Woodeye).

Goldeneye is one of the trusted multi-sensor quality scanner for softwood. The Goldeneye multi-sensor quality scanner family allows one to recognize wood features and defects reliably and accurately to automate, streamline and optimize your production. Combining lasers, cameras, X-ray technology, and Artificial Intelligence increases yield and achieves the most accurate scanning results assuring high and constant quality.

Woodeye that is also displayed in the ongoing event is the other trusted multi-sensor quality scanner for hardwood. Woodeye recognises wood defects reliably and accurately in order to automate, streamline and optimise production. The grading and optimising software considers customer specific grading, chopping and sorting rules to increase yield and final product quality.

Visitors can also experience MiCROTEC’s revolutionary Logeye Stereo stereoscopic imaging system and our quality control tool QC Assist.

Logeye Stereo is a revolutionary transverse stereoscopic real-shape scanner for logsMiCROTEC’s Logeye Stereo stereoscopic imaging system is the only worldwide scanner that provides a full 360-degree scan of a log as it’s rolling into your Carriage, Headrig, End Dogger, or from a transverse to lineal conveyor. Since the scanning takes place as it’s transferred into the position, the log is already fully optimised and ready for sawing the instant it is dogged or sent through a sawline.

QC Assist is a Quality control tool to maximize grading accuracy & recovery. QC Assist lumber evaluation and reporting system supports overall grading performance by improving the efficiency and quality of lumber evaluations. QC Assist’s software provides seamless communication with the scanner system from anywhere in the scanner’s vicinity, allowing users to easily verify and document boards of interest during the QC process.

The specialised sales team is present at the booth to initiate interesting conversations about scanning and optimising solutions. MiCROTEC is making the best use of the opportunity to come closer to its customers while rendering more insights to all.

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Janne Loponen has been appointed Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda.

International Forest Industries - Wed, 31/01/2024 - 09:57

Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda, Ponsse’s subsidiary in Brazil, is changing. Janne Loponen has been appointed as new Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda. starting from February 1, 2024.

Janne Loponen’s location will be in Brazil, and he will report to Marko Mattila, Chief Sales, Service & Marketing Officer of the Ponsse Group. Former Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda, Fernando Campos Passos, has served as the Managing Director since 2018.

Janne has extensive international experience within the Ponsse Group since 2002. He has held various aftermarket positions in Finland, France, China, the United States and Brazil. Loponen transfers to his new position from his current role as Product Manager for harvester heads and forwarders, which he has held since 2016 located in Brazil.

Janne Loponen will assume his new role immediately. Fernando Campos Passos will support the transition of responsibilities to Janne Loponen in the coming months, and his next steps will be announced later. We thank Fernando Campos Passos for his work in leading Ponsse Latin America and wish Janne Loponen success in his new role.

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Bandit Industries announces a new Hammermill horizontal grinder!

International Forest Industries - Wed, 31/01/2024 - 09:22

With considerable research and collaboration, the Bandit team brings the HM6420 hammermill grinder to market.

This highly productive 40” capacity grinder is designed and manufactured to be an alternative solution for those grinding applications that may contain contaminants. A Caterpillar C32, 1,200 horsepower engine provides ample torque and horsepower for optimal machine performance and productivity.

The heart of the HM6420 is a 50” diameter x 66” wide hammermill. The heavy-duty mill features a 1.75” drum skin custom formed from rolled plate. The mill is supported by a 7” main shaft constructed of alloy steel that has been ultrasonic tested. Each pocket within the mill is manufactured from high strength A-514 steel. These combinations create a structural sound mill for added durability and integrity. The mill is equipped with 20 carbide infused hammer inserts built to withstand the toughest material fed into the machine. Each holder is securely attached to the mill via a patent-pending quick change pocket system. Each holder recesses into the mill pocket, increasing durability. A top plate covers the pocket and holds in place by six hex bolts. The hammer insert is attached to each holder utilizing two bolts. With this set-up, the mill hardware is easier and quicker to replace.

A heavy-duty slat-style infeed conveyor is directly driven generating over 18,000 pounds of pulling power. The large diameter feed wheel is also directly driven and provides an additional 17,000 pounds of pulling power and 8,650 to 17,300 pounds of down force when hydraulic pressure is applied. These combinations allow the HM6420 to grind massive quantities of material efficiently and effectively at one time.

A proportional feed system is standard and regulates the feed system from 82 – 132 feet per minute. The HM6420 has one of the fastest feed rates on the market allowing it to quickly process material. The proportional feed system allows operators to adjust the feed based on material being processed ensuring maximum output and grinder efficiency, all while achieving a higher quality end-product.

Three screens are located on the top side of the HM6420 mill. A variety of screen sizes are available up to 7” to produce various end-product sizes. The top feed wheel moves upward, and a removable screen cradle allows for quick screen set-up changes. All work for screen changing is performed outside of the machine.

An impact detection system is standard and designed to limit damage if a contaminant is struck inside the grinding chamber. Once an impact event is detected, the grinder will idle down, open the gate, disengage the clutch, and reverse the feed.

A 56” wide height adjustable discharge with a stacking height of 16’ 8” is standard. The height of the discharge can easily be adjusted accommodating various grinding scenarios and situations.

The standard wireless remote controls all grinding and tracking functions and features an LCD screen that will display engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, engine load percentage, engine RPM, and battery voltage.

Bandit initially debuted the HM6420 at the 2023 Con Expo show in Las Vegas. After the show, further evaluation and testing was conducted and the machine was then demonstrated to a variety of customers and dealers at Bandit’s 40th Anniversary event in September of 2023. Final testing of the HM6420 took place in the fourth quarter and the machine will begin production in the first quarter of 2024.

Bandit will be showcasing the HM6420 in February at the Compost Show in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The addition of the HM6420 expands the already diverse line of Bandit horizontal grinders available. Customers can choose from various mill configurations that will CUT IT,” “CHIP IT,” OR “HAMMER IT.”


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Gilbert at Eurobois in Lyon France

International Forest Industries - Tue, 30/01/2024 - 10:12

Gilbert, along with Andre Technologies, the French partner for its planermill equipment will be exhibiting at Eurobois from February 6 to 9 in Lyon France.









With more than forty years of experience, ANDRE TECHNOLOGIES offers technical solutions for the primary and secondary wood processing industry.






Gilbert Products will be presenting their complete Line of Planers. For 38 years, Gilbert has been the market leader in the design and manufacturing of planermill equipment. Gilbert is renown for its versatility. From moulding, ripping and glulam applications to smaller or high-speed planer mills, Gilbert has the right machine for every mill and need. Gilbert has helped customers worldwide reduce their mill costs by improving their productivity, surface quality, mill efficiency and safety.


Find us stand 5C74

Download your badge

Enter the following invitation code: EINVE

Dates & Times:
From 06 to 09 February 2024
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Place :
Eurexpo Boulevard de l’Europe


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Vermeer Launches LS3600TX Low Speed Shredder for Efficient Recycling

International Forest Industries - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 11:15
Process a broader range of materials

Vermeer unveils the LS3600TX low speed shredder, its latest innovation for the recycling industry. This single-shaft shredder incorporates exclusive innovations that efficiently process contaminated waste streams and help safeguard critical machine components. The Vermeer LS3600TX is specifically designed to excel at processing various materials, including light construction and demolition waste, wood waste with contaminants, and municipal solid waste. It is well-suited for waste facilities and land clearing operations, as well as compost, mulch and biofuel producers.

“For 30 years, Vermeer has been a leading manufacturer of high speed grinders,” said Jeff Bradley, Vermeer Recycling and Forestry product manager. “During that time, recycling has become a common practice at public and private waste handling facilities and has become another source of revenue for many organizations. To help our customers optimize their processing capabilities and handle a wider range of incoming materials, we have developed the LS3600TX low speed shredder. This shredder allows companies to process contaminated materials not suited for a tub or horizontal grinder.”

Vermeer has designed the LS3600TX shredder with a strong focus on maintenance and accessibility. The engine bay of the LS3600TX prioritizes ease of maintenance and serviceability, featuring large access doors, multiple ladder points and a spacious service platform. This thoughtful design allows for quick and efficient maintenance. Additionally, the LS3600TX is equipped with a hydraulically operated access system that provides full exposure to the rotor, comb, and belly conveyor, further streamlining maintenance procedures. Also, the belly conveyor can be easily removed without detaching the discharge conveyor, minimizing the invasiveness of service operations.

The LS3600TX shredder has a powerful 456-hp (340 kW) CAT Tier 4 Final/Stage V engine. It operates at a sound level of only 111.9 db(A). The shredder features a tracked undercarriage, which enables operators to reposition and maneuver it around a jobsite. It also comes with a full-function remote control, allowing operators to adjust the feed, access machine data, and diagnose fault codes from the comfort of the feed loader’s cab or a safe distance from the shredder.

The LS3600TX is equipped with a 10 ft (3 m) long rotor featuring wear-resistant plates for enhanced durability and dual-bolt tips to help maintain clamp load. It utilizes individual bolt-in comb teeth, each with two usable edges, which extends their lifespan. The shredder is built with a fully mechanical driveline designed to optimize horsepower transfer to the rotor. To safeguard the driveline system against unshreddable objects, the LS3600TX includes a reversible mechanical transmission with an external torque limiter that will automatically disengage the drive when maximum torque is reached.

Vermeer offers an optional cross band magnet for the LS3600TX to further enhance its capabilities. This magnet effectively reduces steel contaminants from the end material, minimizing contamination in the final product.

The Vermeer LS3600TX joins a line of high speed tub grinders and horizontal grinders to deliver one of the industry’s most comprehensive waste processing and recycling equipment lines.

For more information about the Vermeer LS3600TX low speed shredder, please contact your local Vermeer dealer or visit www.vermeer.com.

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BID Group Unveils Comact-Branded AI-Powered Linear Resaw Optimizer

International Forest Industries - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 10:52

BID Group, a pioneer in wood processing solutions, just announced a brand-new, groundbreaking innovation: the ResawExpert, a Comact-branded AI-powered linear resaw optimizer with vision. This revolutionary technology will take wood transformation to a whole new level of precision, efficiency, and performance.

The Comact ResawExpert is a game-changer, especially in hardwood and specialty processing workflows that require resawing. Thanks to artificial intelligence, ResawExpert ensures every inch of raw material is utilized efficiently to maximize yield, significantly reduce waste, and generate superior products.

The ResawExpert is the latest addition to BID’s renowned range of AI-powered optimizers already on the market that support sawmill operation in making better and faster decisions regarding grading, trimming, and edging.

Key features of the Comact ResawExpert include:

  • Independent optimization and grading of all four product faces
  • Rotation validation scanner
  • Optimization of clear wood cuttings, NHLA cutting grades, or custom grades
  • Quick and easy installation on an existing line

In addition, the ResawExpert can be installed without any disruptions to current operation. It can be activated immediately once tuning is completed.

BID Group is currently implementing its first ResawExpert setup at Lauzon – Planchers de bois exclusifs, a major North American hardwood flooring producer in Quebec, Canada.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Comact ResawExpert, a testament to BID’s commitment to driving innovation throughout the industry. This technology not only enhances the value of our customer’s products, but also contributes to sustainable practices by minimizing waste,” said Simon Potvin, President of Wood Processing at BID Group.

This latest addition to BID’s portfolio underscores the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

About BID Group 

Since 1924, the privately-owned BID Group has been providing industry-leading solutions for its highly valued customers. As one of the largest integrated suppliers to the wood processing industry, and a North American leader in the field, BID Group is a one-stop source for comprehensive, and innovative solutions. The ability to provide complete, smart connected, turnkey manufacturing facilities that includes engineering, project management, equipment, software, installation, startup, and after sales parts and services is the BID Group companies’ strategic value to its customers. The company has offices in 17 locations situated to serve the predominant wood processing regions of North America. Learn more about BID at www.bidgroup.ca.

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The post BID Group Unveils Comact-Branded AI-Powered Linear Resaw Optimizer appeared first on International Forest Industries.

BID Group celebrates

International Forest Industries - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 10:36
BID Group celebrates Compact’s 100th anniversary and Legacy of Innovation and operational excellence

BID Group Statement

BID Group, a pioneer in wood processing solutions, is proud to announce that this year, its Comact brand is celebrating 100 years of performance, innovation, and commitment.

Comact was founded on January 24, 1924, in the Beauce region of Quebec. Since its humble beginnings, it has pushed the technological boundaries of the wood processing industry, elevating customers’ yields, revenues, and bottom-line profitability. The company has grown from a small, family-run business to a global leader with multiple key locations serving international markets.

“The last 100 years have been a testament to the hard work and pragmatic ingenuity that are the hallmarks of Comact,” said Alistair Cook, CEO of BID Group. “The company’s and brand’s growth and longevity in this competitive industry reflect its dedication to delivering exceptional, high-performance equipment and a reputed steadfast service to its customers.”

The historic partnership between BID Group and Comact since 2013 highlighted the companies’ aligned values and visions for the future of wood processing. It has been integral to developing cutting-edge solutions that drive productivity and cost savings for an ever-growing clientele.

“When Comact joined forces with BID Group, it was a strategic decision that has enabled us to leverage our collective expertise and legacy of operational lifecycle excellence,” commented Simon Potvin, president of Wood Processing at BID Group. “We are excited to continue this journey, honouring our roots while looking forward to executing our ambitious strategies that will shape the next century of wood processing.”

As BID Group celebrates this significant milestone, it reaffirms its commitment to breakthrough transformation, with plans to integrate artificial intelligence and other digital technologies to ensure customers’ operations are prepared for the decades to come. BID Group is also in an ongoing process to execute a comprehensive and progressive sustainability roadmap that will set new benchmarks for the wood processing industry.

The centennial celebrations will include a series of events designed to engage customers, employees, and stakeholders. For more information on BID Group’s centennial celebrations and their impact on the wood processing industry, please visit: bidgroup.ca/en/100thanniversary

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30,000 Machine Milestone

International Forest Industries - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 10:08
In just over 30 years in business, Tigercat Industries has shipped its 30,000th machine.

Tigercat Industries has announced that it has built and shipped its 30,000th machine in January 2024, just over 30 years into its existence. From humble beginnings in 1992 when Tigercat had a single product, very little dealer representation, and produced just a handful of machines, the company has grown steadily, expanding both its production capacity and product breadth.

A few quick facts

  • Tigercat debuted the 726 feller buncher in April 1992 at a forestry equipment show in Quitman Georgia.

  • By 1995, Tigercat had two drive-to-tree feller bunchers, two track feller bunchers, and two bunching shear models with distribution in Canada and the United States.

  • By 1997, Tigercat had a full product line to offer southern US dealers with the addition of a knuckleboom loader and the industry’s first successful, serial production hydrostatic skidder.

  • In 2000, Tigercat was well on its way to becoming the dominant player in steep slope harvesting applications, offering a six-wheel drive skidder and the L830 feller buncher. Both were destined to become flagship products for the company. In addition, Tigercat entered the vegetation management sector with its first mulcher carrier. The range of carriers and attachments that have followed are crucial inputs to wildfire mitigation strategies in many regions globally.

  • By 2005, Tigercat was present in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and Sweden among other countries.

  • In 2012 Tigercat had grown in 20 years from two to 1,000 employees and introduced the 880 logger, the first in a series of versatile, forest duty swing machines.

Today, Tigercat has the most complete full-tree product line-up in the industry, along with a growing range of CTL harvesters, forwarders and harvesting heads. Tigercat launched a new brand, TCi in 2022 and put the TCi badge on its first dozer, the 920. In the last four years, the company has been developing a line of material processing products with two launches to date – the 6500 chipper and 6900 grinder. 2024 will see a slew of new and exciting products introduced to the market.

Tigercat recently opened a new facility dedicated to the material processing product line and is currently building an additional facility. When complete the company will have over 1.4 million square feet of manufacturing capacity. That’s 130 000 square metres or 32 acres under roof. Over 160 dealer locations in 25 countries represent the Tigercat and TCi brands, along with an extensive factory support network. The company employs over 2,000.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is Tigercat’s dedication to the customer base and its relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement.

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EGGER Group further strengthens its position in Asia

International Forest Industries - Wed, 10/01/2024 - 11:16

With the goal of further strengthening its own market position in Asia, the EGGER Group acquired a 25.1% stake in the Thai wood-based material manufacturer Panel Plus Co., Ltd. Sustainable international growth is an essential part of the EGGER Group’s strategic agenda. In addition to the production and distribution of its products in Europe and America, where the family company is represented with a total of 22 production plants, the Asian market is playing an increasingly important role. The purchase agreement was signed on November 30 2023 and the closing took place on January 3 2024. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price and further details of the transaction.

“As a significant growth market, Asia plays an important role in our strategic considerations. We have been considering expanding our presence there for some time now. In Panel Plus, we have found the ideal partner in this respect. Panel Plus has state-of-the-art production sites and a product portfolio that is perfectly tailored to regional requirements. We are convinced that we will benefit greatly from their local expertise and will be able to exploit further growth opportunities together. We are delighted with this strategic partnership,” says Thomas Leissing, Chief Financial Officer EGGER Group and Speaker of the Group Management, explaining the background to the investment decision.

Panel Plus Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 and today produces a wide range of wood-based materials such as chipboard and MDF boards, both laminated and unlaminated. The main production plant is located in Hat Yai in the southern Thai province of Songkhla.

Great opportunities for further development in Asia

Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are the core markets of Panel Plus. The core target groups are the local furniture industry and distributors. Growing market demand, state-of-the-art production technology, and the capacity of Panel Plus, combined with EGGER’s input to expand the product portfolio, form the foundation for a collaborative value creation.

The stake in Panel Plus now gives EGGER the opportunity to broaden its own market access, address additional customer target groups and further expand availability and service for them.

The EGGER Group and Panel Plus share the same convictions regarding high product and service quality, responsible production, and constant innovation. Both parties are convinced that they can successfully realise growth potential together.

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Can Amazon save the Amazon?

International Forest Industries - Wed, 10/01/2024 - 10:58

I explored some ideas in Editors Comment about how to save the rainforest in the June July 2023 issue – (How much money is needed to save the rainforest? ) and Oct Nov 2023 – (The rich can go a long way to saving the planet).

Researching for this article I came across the relatively new ‘The Earth Fund’ which was created by a commitment of $10 billion from Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon. After what appears to be relatively quiet start they have recently bounced into action timed to coincide with COP 28 in Dubai.

They announced – WASHINGTON, Dec. 7,2023 /PRNewswire/ – A new data dashboard launched today tracks the collective progress countries have made toward their commitment to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation this decade. The new platform – the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration Dashboard – was developed by the Bezos Earth Fund, Systems Change Lab, and the Forest Declaration Assessment Partners, and finds countries are falling woefully short of their commitments to end deforestation by 2030.

Recently published reports, including the Forest Declaration Assessment and the State of Climate Action 2023, find that deforestation increased by 4-7% between 2021 and 2022. The permanent loss of 5.8- 6.6 million hectares (Mha) of forest means that the world is far off course from halting deforestation by 2030. Global efforts to protect other ecosystems aren’t faring much better, with peatland degradation occurring across an area roughly the size of Kenya (57 Mha) and mangrove losses once again ticking upward.

The Earth Fund led by Bezos could be a starting point for serious collection of funds from rich individuals and Governments alike to go towards saving the Amazon and Congo Rainforest.

Referring to Fobes rich list: The United States still boasts the most billionaires, with 735 list members worth a collective $4.5 trillion. China (including Hong Kong and Macau) remains second, with 562 billionaires worth $2 trillion, followed by India, with 169 billionaires worth $675 billion. The amount of money in private hands is staggering. Just as the earth is staggering to a doomsday scenario.

If forest fires continue unabated in 2024 reforestation will never catch up. The earth as we know it could fail by as early as 2030.

Robin Peach

Lula’s bid to style himself climate leader at Cop28 undermined by Opec move

Brazilian president’s plans to approve new fossil fuel projects sit awkwardly with pledge to meet 1.5C target.

Read this excellent article which in part relates to the Amazon by Jonathan Watts in the Guardian. (We will run in full in our Digital magazine Dec JANUARY 2024)

Next year we plan to attend the following shows:

Timber Processing & Energy Expo (TP&EE)
September 25-27, 2024, Portland, Oregon

Demo International 2024
September 19-21 Ottawa

FinnMETKO, Jamsa 29th – 31 August

KWF Tagung Schwarzenborn
19th – 22nd June

See you there!

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Ponsse Studio – Manager 2.0

International Forest Industries - Tue, 09/01/2024 - 09:25

Ponsse Studio presents: Manager 2.0

Welcome to the Ponsse Studio event on 31 January! At the event, we will proudly present PONSSE Manager 2.0, a modern new digitalisation platform for forestry.

Ponsse Manager 2.0 is a solution that gathers Ponsse’s entire digital offering into a single package. The user only needs to sign up once, and all the digital services that are required to improve operational efficiency and productivity are at the user’s disposal.

In Ponsse Manager 2.0, the user can create a personalised homepage that focuses on the data that matters most. Every important piece of information is visible immediately, variations can be discovered quickly, and corrective action can be taken directly.

The English language event will take place on 31 January 2024 at 10:00 / 10 a.m. and 19:00 / 7 p.m. (EET).

The event will be subtitled in Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, Norwegian and English.

The event is hosted by André Noël Chaker.

Register now and embark with us on an incredible journey to the summit of digitalisation.

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Los bosques boreales de Canadá han sido gravemente dañados por la tala

NYT Logging Industry - Mon, 08/01/2024 - 09:00
Un estudio revela que la explotación forestal ha causado graves daños a los bosques boreales de Ontario y Quebec, dos importantes regiones madereras comerciales del país.

Canada’s Boreal Forests Badly Damaged by Logging

NYT Logging Industry - Thu, 04/01/2024 - 06:01
A study finds that logging has inflicted severe damage to the vast boreal forests in Ontario and Quebec, two of the country’s main commercial logging regions.

Metsä Group and Sweco have signed an agreement for the design of Kerto LVL mill in Äänekoski

International Forest Industries - Fri, 22/12/2023 - 12:40

Metsä Group and Sweco, a specialist in the built environment and industry, have signed an agreement for the implementation planning of the new Kerto LVL mill in Äänekoski, Finland.

“We have strong confidence in Sweco’s expertise and resources from our previous collaboration projects. It is therefore natural that we continue our cooperation in this project to develop the Äänekoski mill area,” says Jaakko Anttila, Executive Vice President at Metsä Wood.

Sweco is responsible for the complete implementation planning of the mill project, including structural, process and plant design. Sweco was also responsible for the design of Metsä Group’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill, which started operations in 2017, and the planned wood product mill will apply the synergy benefits offered by the mill area.

“For example, the steam needed in the production process of Kerto LVL will be produced at the Äänekoski bioproduct mill, and the condensate generated in the process will be utilized for heating the building. It is great to be involved in designing a resource-efficient production plant whose material-efficient wood products store carbon and reduce the carbon footprint of construction,” says Tuulamari Helaja, Business Unit Director, Industry and Energy at Sweco Finland.

Construction of the Kerto LVL mill in Äänekoski has progressed according to plan. Land construction works and the main frame installations are currently underway in the area.

The mill will have an annual production capacity of around 160,000 cubic metres of Kerto LVL and is expected to start production in the second half of 2026. When completed, the mill will employ around 150 people directly and 200 people in its value chain.

Images: https://databank.metsagroup.com/l/62qW7tCLZS_x

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Nokian Tyres reaches one of its key climate targets seven years ahead of schedule

International Forest Industries - Tue, 12/12/2023 - 12:55

Nokian Tyres has reached one of its key emissions reduction targets seven years ahead of schedule. One of the company’s science-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets was to cut its tire factories’ CO2 emissions by 52% per production ton by 2030 compared to the emissions level in 2015. The target was already achieved in 2023. Nokian Tyres’ factory emissions per production ton are the lowest in the tire industry, but the company continues its work to reduce them even more.

In 2015 the direct CO2 emissions from the factories were 723 kilograms1 per ton of tires, so reducing them by 52% means that they are below 347 kilograms per ton of tires, which was the target level for the year 2030. However, in 2023 Nokian Tyres is already progressing rapidly toward a level of less than 200 kilograms per ton of tires manufactured

The level of Nokian Tyres’ direct CO2 emissions was the lowest in the tire industry already last year. In 2022, Nokian Tyres direct CO2 emissions were 420 kilograms2 per ton of tires manufactured, whereas the majority of tire manufacturers operate between 700 and 1100 kilograms3.

“Urgent actions are needed to tackle climate change, so even though Nokian Tyres’ factory greenhouse gas emissions are at an industry-leading level, we consider it important to cut the emissions to zero as soon as technically possible. In the best case, it leads to setting new sustainability benchmarks that can have a positive impact on how the whole industry operates,” says Teppo Huovila, Vice President of Quality, Sustainability and Supply operations business development at Nokian Tyres.

On the way toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions

The already-achieved target is one of Nokian Tyres’ four science-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. Two of the targets are related to emissions from the supply chain, and one target is to reduce emissions during tire use.

“Besides the emissions from tire manufacturing, the emissions during tire use are something that Nokian Tyres’ own actions and choices can influence the most. The lower the rolling resistance of tires, the less fuel or energy the vehicle consumes. Between 2013-2022, Nokian Tyres has reduced the rolling resistance of its tires by 8.5% on average. This equals to the exhaust fumes of 65,000 cars annually,” Huovila says.

The CO2 emissions from tire production are mainly the result of the energy mix used in the factories. Thus, to reduce emissions, most of the purchased energy has to be from zero-CO2-emission sources. Improvements in energy efficiency reduce both energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. At Nokian Tyres, energy efficiency is considered when procuring new machinery, utilizing heat recovery solutions, and also, for example, in updating lighting with energy-saving led solutions.

Nokian Tyres is in the process of updating its science-based climate targets to be even more ambitious. The company is committed to setting targets that enable net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. An important step on the journey is the new factory that Nokian Tyres is currently building in Oradea, Romania, as it will be the first zero CO2 emission tire factory in the world.


1 Nokian Tyres Corporate Sustainability Report 2015, p. 126, Greenhouse gas emissions intensity ratio, Scope 1 + Scope 2/production tonne

2 Nokian Tyres Corporate Sustainability Report 2022, p. 47, Greenhouse gas emissions intensity ratio Scope 1 + Scope 2, CO2 eq t/production t.

3 CDP Climate reports and annual Sustainability Reports of tire companies

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Rare Giant Rat Is Photographed Alive for First Time

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The people who live on the island of Vangunu were adamant that the critically endangered species still existed. They helped researchers prove that they were right.

Female Rangers ‘Don’t Go All Alpha Like the Men’ to Protect a Forest

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International Forest Industries - Wed, 22/11/2023 - 11:01

Fourteen years ago, the Upper Austrian machinery company Westtech Maschinenbau GmbH introduced the first felling grapple to the market. Technical finesse and in-house know-how led to a product series that sets new standards. But that’s not all! Just in time for Agritechnica 2023, a new flagship is being introduced:

The largest felling grapple to date, the Woodcracker® C650!

In this field of machinery, the cutting diameter is not the only crucial factor. Since this type of felling grapple was designed, for example, for road safety measures, the grapple also plays an important role. Accordingly, it has been further developed, and the gripping force has been significantly increased. This allows for a secure grip on the cut material during the cutting process and enhances worker safety. The 3-finger grapple also closes synchronously and offers a wide opening.

At Westtech, the robustness of the machines is always one of the highest priorities in development – as is the case with the new Woodcracker® C650. Given the ability to cut trees with a diameter of up to 70cm, the rest of the machine must be designed to handle the corresponding weight of the cut material. Therefore, only very high-quality and strong bolt bearings have been used to further increase robustness.

This felling grapple is also made of durable and wear-resistant Hardox® steel, and the body is cathodic dip-painted (KTL primed), as is customary in the automotive industry. The advantage of this type of primer is good corrosion protection and an even coating in all cavities. A powder coating is baked onto this primer, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Naturally, this felling head also possesses all the excellent features found in the entire product series. The cutting unit consists of a high-strength blade that is easy to sharpen. If the blade needs to be replaced due to significant wear, it can be quickly disassembled and exchanged thanks to the patented blade attachment.

Only two double-acting control units on the carrier vehicle are required for all functions of the Woodcracker® C650, including all expandable options. The hydraulic lines are protected, well-sized, and lead to a well-positioned attachment frame.


The Woodcracker® C650 presents itself with unprecedented dimensions, such as a very high cutting diameter of 70cm. With this incomparably high cutting diameter, this machine stands out from the crowd! The required operating weight of the carrier vehicle should be between 28 and 40 tons.

An optional Power Tiltator is available. This makes the felling head more powerful when removing large trees, with double rotation and holding torque at a consistent speed.


At the Woodcracker® Demo Day, which will take place on Thursday, November 30th, in Knüllwald, Germany, it will be demonstrated live for the first time!

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