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REDD+: The Cancun Results

Issue date: 
13 December 2010

Cancún analysis: Dawn breaks on low-carbon world

Cancún's climate conference was largely a diplomatic triumph. No nations promised to up their emissions reduction targets from those pledged in Copenhagen.

Issue date: 
Mon Dec 6, 2010

U.N. talks to delay CO2 market deal for forests: EU

(Reuters) - The European Union wants to delay a deal to use carbon markets to reward countries which protect their tropical forests, beyond U.N. climate talks in Cancun, said EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard.

Issue date: 
December 12, 2010

Climate deal to pay to protect forests

A new climate change deal reached in Mexico has set up a global framework to pay to protect rainforests vital to the ecosystem, but held off on the controversial introduction of a market role.

Issue date: 
11 December 2010

REDD+ Progresses, LULUCF Regresses in Cancún Agreements

11 December 2010 | CANCUN |  After two weeks of intense negotiations, another Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has come and gone. Working through Friday until the early hours of Saturday morning, bleary eyed delegates jetted home to 193 nations having signed the “Cancun Agreements.”

Issue date: 
December 11, 2010

World Bank President Zoellick on the need for REDD: “We don’t want silent forests”

The watchword in the halls of this year’s UN climate summit is “balanced package.”  It’s the oblique phrase referring to what might be possible as a final agreement at this year’s meeting, at least to those who don’t have unreasonable expectations on what can be achieved.  What many hope can

Issue date: 
December 10, 2010

U.N. forests deal stalls as climate talks remain deadlocked

(CNN) -- As talks at the United Nations climate summit enter their final hours, hopes of progress on key issues including the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) program appear to be fading.

Issue date: 
December 11, 2010

In Cancún, World Leaders Call for Quick Action on Forests

Major world leaders gathered today at an event sponsored by non-profit Avoided Deforestation Partners to call on the global community to work towards a speedy end to deforestation, a major source of global CO2 emissions and driver of climate change.

Issue date: 
December 11, 2010

REDD: Climate conference ends with deforestation agreement

CANCUN, Mexico — For a climate change conference that began with universally low expectations, the Cancun meeting achieved surprisingly concrete progress, including an agreement to help preserve tropical forests.

Issue date: 
Dec 11, 2010

Emissions Punted to Durban, Breakthrough Seen on Forests

CANCÚN, Mexico, Dec 11, 2010 (IPS/TerraViva) - If success is measured by delaying difficult decisions, then the Cancún climate meeting succeeded by deferring crucial issues over financing and new targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the next Conference of the Parties meeting a year from now in Durban, South Africa.


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